Dr. Malik Slosberg, a 1981 valedictorian of Life Chiropractic College, has been in private practice for 25 years. He also holds a master’s of science degree (clinical counseling) from California State University, Hayward and a physician’s assistant degree from Dartmouth College. Dr. Slosberg has served on the postgraduate faculty of 10 chiropractic colleges and is currently a professor at Life Chiropractic College West.

Dr. Slosberg lectures throughout the United States and internationally. He has also written numerous articles that have been published in chiropractic journals, and produced educational materials including videos, wall charts and patient handouts used by many chiropractic colleges and thousands of chiropractors throughout the world.

Dr. Slosberg is a founding board member of the National Institute of Chiropractic Research, a funding agency for chiropractic research.

Previous Articles

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November 18, 2010 (Vol. 28, Issue 24)
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What the Research Says
July 15, 2009 (Vol. 27, Issue 15)
Rehabilitation for Low Back and Neck Pain
Endurance Training and Muscle Fiber Types
April 9, 2009 (Vol. 27, Issue 08)
Essentials of Dynamic Stability Training and Chiropractic Care
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July 1, 2008 (Vol. 26, Issue 14)
Family Physicians Learn about Chiropractic Care
April 8, 2002 (Vol. 20, Issue 08)
Goals of Care: Minimize Pain and Maximize Function
June 26, 2000 (Vol. 18, Issue 14)
Promoting Chiropractic into the Next Millenium
July 26, 1999 (Vol. 17, Issue 16)
Kaiser's Continuing Ed. TV Program Examines Chiropractic
September 22, 1997 (Vol. 15, Issue 20)
Patient Education and the Continuum of Health
November 18, 1996 (Vol. 14, Issue 24)
Beyond Back Pain
A New Model for Health Care
May 20, 1996 (Vol. 14, Issue 11)

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