About the Columnist

Lisa Bilodeau began her career with the chiropractic profession over 20 years ago, in Petaluma, California, working for a number of private practitioners before joining the Palmer College of Chiropractic - West faculty clinic in San Jose, California, in 1988.

As a field consultant, Ms. Bilodeau worked with numerous offices in Central California, specializing in billing and collections, before returning to Palmer West in 1995. At the Hayward campus, she was the developer and director of the college's chiropractic assistant training programs.

Ms. Bilodeau has taught insurance billing, accounts receivable, front desk operations and chiropractic assistant courses throughout the country, including Palmer West and Life College of Chiropractic West. She has spoken extensively at events, seminars, associations and workshop meetings and is the owner of Chiropractic Success Systems.

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