About the Columnist

Daniel Batchelor graduated with honors from Life University in 1980, and has since maintained a practice and treated everything from auto collision victims, occupational injuries, and his specialty in this column - sports injuries - with a focus on runners and bicyclists. Many of his patients, like himself, are more than just "weekend warriors."

Dr. Batchelor has treated over 100,000 patients, and is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractors Association and the North American Spine Society. He and his brother Brad, and acupuncturist in Boone, North Carolina, share almost 50 years of experience in practicing alternative medicine.

Ranked as the number-one masters duathlete in Atlanta 1996-2000, Dr. Batchelor has won over 350 roadraces and run over 60,000 miles. In addition to his impressive running record, he has been a consultant for Runners World; Running in Georgia; Running Journal; Georgia Runner; and Run and See Georgia magazines. He has been interviewed by CNN Headline News as an expert on athletic injury and back pain.

Dr. Batchelor practices in Roswell, Ga.

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