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Dynamic Chiropractic – September 1, 2003, Vol. 21, Issue 18

Detoxification and Drainage Formulas

By Frank King, DC
In 25 years of healing, I have used a variety of combinations of many products and techniques to assist individuals in detoxification programs, including nutrition; herbs; fasting; organ-flushing techniques; specialty products; clays; colon cleaners; small intestine cleaners; colonics; enemas; massage; and homeopathy. However, detoxification programs typically have had two primary problems:


  1. They have created a healing crisis, often causing the patient to feel worse and/or stop the program. At best, compliance has been poor. (In such circumstances, patients have had some rather choice words for the well-meaning doctor and his program!)
  2. There has been a common recurrence of health problems associated with toxicity (one month to one year after treatment).

Newer developments and advancements in homeopathy are yielding safer, more permanent corrections to the perplexing problems of the past when treating toxicity.

Homeopathic detoxification and drainage formulas not only dislodge toxins in the body; they also activate the elimination functions of the body and enable them to work properly again. By activating the body's inner potentials to detoxify, we are able to solve many of the problems experienced with previous detoxification procedures.

Homeopathy maximizes the body's remarkable ability to cleanse itself and adapt to a continuously changing environment. Almost everyone has someone in his or her family - or knows of someone - I call an "Uncle Charlie." This type of person lives a horrible lifestyle: eats garbage, drinks excessively and cusses like a sailor, but stays healthy. The other extreme is the person who lives a strict, narrow lifestyle, but gets sick after slipping just slightly from his or her dietary regimen. In fact, this person is often sick despite his or her extreme attempts to maintain health. Why does the former stay healthy, while the latter does not? The explanation can be found by examining how well their bodies are functioning.

A healthy lifestyle is good, but it doesn't replace the need to correct the dysfunctions within our control systems. Homeopathy, like chiropractic, works bioenergetically to correct dysfunctions or nerve interferences. Remarkably, homeopathy has the ability to correct nerve interferences throughout the whole body - even in places where the hands of the chiropractor cannot! Homeopathy empowers the chiropractor to be the doctor of the whole nervous system and get the broad spectrum of results the founding fathers of chiropractic declared they would.

Homeopathic detoxification and drainage formulas provide therapeutic advantages by:

  • enhancing overall health in most people;
  • preventing healing crises;
  • preventing toxic condition reoccurrences;
  • providing better results in resistant cases;
  • providing a more complete cure;
  • expediting the healing process
  • helping achieve greater results with other homeopathic formulas;
  • helping other products and procedures work better (chiropractic, nutrition, herbs, etc.);
  • activating further healing with cases that have reached a plateau, with only a partial correction achieved;
  • preventing further reccurrences of an illness;
  • preventing future accumulation of toxins; and
  • providing results in a broader scope, such as with chronic or even so-called "incurable" conditions.
As previously stated, homeopathy works mostly in the bioenergetic realm to correct interferences in the body's energetic control systems. When the energetic control systems of the body (such as the nervous system) work properly, everything else works better. Accordingly, the body's chemistry will balance out if the body's control system functions properly. Additionally, every chemical within our body has a specific charge to respond and do what the energetic control system tells it to do.

Effective correction and restoration of the detoxification functions of the body are paramount to correcting the chronic, recurring health problems perplexing our society. Achieving optimal health and longevity also are interconnected intimately to maximum detoxification functions.

Detox and drainage formulas are designed to work deep within the body to activate and strengthen our inner constitution - even to correct inherited or genetic weaknesses handed down to us as far back as 10 generations. That is one aspect of Uncle Charlie we all would like to have - the constitution of a cockroach! His detoxification and defense functions always seem to work optimally.

Detox and drainage formulas activate the detoxification mechanisms of the body and maximize our ability to stay clean in a toxic world. In my practice, I have tried products targeting a specific toxin, but have found it much safer and more effective to activate the body's own detoxification mechanism with homeopathic detox and drainage formulas for the liver; lymph; blood; kidney; and even the ileocecal valve. There are also formulas to address general toxicity-related imbalances, such as acidity and yeast.

Using detox and drainage formulas and symptom-specific formulas first has worked better to prevent the healing crises and recurrences commonly experienced with traditional detoxification programs, homeopathic toxin-specific formulas, or single homeopathic remedies. With these priority procedures, I have rarely needed to use toxin-specific products.

Enjoy the journey!

Frank King, DC, ND
Asheville, North Carolina

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