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Dynamic Chiropractic – April 21, 2003, Vol. 21, Issue 09

Remembering Those Who Pave the Way

By Rand Baird, DC, MPH, FICA, FICC
This column pauses to express recognition and appreciation to the members of the APHA chiropractic section who have made our successful journey possible. Beginning in 1979, when a small group of chiropractors and chiropractic students at Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles turned a public health-class assignment into the start of something historical, through 2003, when chiropractic finds itself recognized by the APHA, the World Federation of Public Health Associations, and the World Health Organization, the foresight of all those who joined the APHA over the years have made it all possible.

Milestones along the way included:

  • the establishment of the Chiropractic Forum - Special Primary Interest Group of APHA in 1981;
  • the 1983 APHA Governing Council policy that recognized chiropractic as "safe and effective for neuromuscular-skeletal disorders and especially low back pain." This policy replaced anti-chiropractic policy that had been in place for 14 years;
  • DCs being elected and appointed to APHA leadership positions, and winning awards for their performances;
  • the ACA, ICA, CCE and several chiropractic colleges becoming agency members of APHA;
  • chiropractic programs becoming a regular feature at APHA annual meetings each fall;
  • full section status with the formation of the Chiropractic Health Care Section in APHA in 1995;
  • chiropractic researchers and authors being published in the American Journal of Public Health; and
  • a chiropractor serving as president of the Inter-Sectional Council of APHA, and gaining an ex officio seat on the APHA executive board before 2000.

The accomplishments of these true pioneers have earned a place in chiropractic history. The battle that began as a fight to end discrimination against the chiropractic profession, and culminated years later with a succession of recognition leading to full equity and parity with the other disciplines involved in public health, required a sustained effort. Our goal was to enhance chiropractic communication and credibility by participating and integrating into mainstream public health activities and utilizing APHA as the vehicle for that participation. We achieved that noble objective, and continue this important work today.

We thank the chiropractic professional associations, organizations and schools for their support. We especially thank the various chiropractic media (including Dynamic Chiropractic) for publicizing our efforts. We'd also like to thank some of the many current chiropractic APHA members, doctors, educators, students and others - some who have been APHA members for as long as 28 years, some for just a few months - who give us the strength to continue. Some participate regularly in APHA activities, and some serve simply by paying their annual dues, but all are acknowledged for helping the cause. We apologize for any omissions (especially of late-renewing, long-term members). This list was provided to us by APHA staff as of early January 2003, so it only includes members whose dues were current as of that given date. Congratulations and appreciation go to:


James Joseph Abeler
Alan H. Adams
Robert W. Adams
Anne Peneff Albert
Gil C. Allen
Robert M. Allen
Martin Jeffrey Alpert
Vani Anand
Erik K. Anderson
Andrew B. Anthony
David L. Atkinson
Rand Baird
Jorge R. Balares
Donald J. Baune
Julie M. Beck
L. W. Bellwood
David F. Berg
Jeffrey K. Bergin
Laverne J. Berryo
Jeanne F. Black
Paul S. Bluestein
Ellen M. Bokina
Stephen Bolles
David L. Bolton
Mitchell Boltz
Karen T. Boulanger
Marian L. Boye
Lori L. Bradshaw
Stephen D. Brandenburg
Richard Broeg
Leo J. Bronston
Dennis Mark Bushman
Lori D. Byrd
Anthony A. Cacioppo
Raul Cadagan
Jerrilyn A. Cambron
Chris C. Campo
Kent E. Carder
Thomas L. Carpenter
Tanya L. Castro
Louis S. Catapano
Henry S. Chen
John C. Chen
Robert W. Clark
Ashley E. Cleveland
Carl S. Cleveland III
Richard L. Cole
Fredrick C. Colley
Bernard J. Coomes
Michael D. Courtney
Arthur C. Croft
Anthony V. D'Antoni
Corinne Ethel C. Dadivas
Anand A. Daftardar
Robert R. Dale
William H. Dallas
Robert D. Davison
Mark Dederichs
Richard Peter DeFelice
James Denito
Brad D. Dennison
Frances E. Derhammer
Martin Desomma
Elizabeth W. Doller
Barbara E. Dorf
David B. Dziora
Matt Ehrhard
Justin Elliott
Brian L. Elsing
William C. Eriksen
Molly E. Etnier
Will Evans
James S. Factor
Lissa Fahlman
Harvey Jay Feenstra
Terrance Flanagan
Beverly J. Foster
R. A. Foxworth
Shirley I. Frakes
Dan H. Froerer
Donna Esty Funk
Joseph H. Fye
Stuart H. Garber
Harley Dale Gilthvedt
Robert J. Giroux
Christine M.H. Goertz
Keicha S. Gosling
Nicholas A. Grande
Robert J. Grinsell
Timothy A. Gross
John Paul Grumish
Maruti Ram Gudavalli
Mitchell Haas
Gary L. Haber
Francois Hains
Don H. Handley
David Hansen
Marjorie L. Harbison
Cheryl K. Hawk
Kurt Hegetschweiler
William Tetsvya Higuchi
John S. Huber
Eric L. Hurwitz
John K. Hyland
Michele F. Imossi
Gregory Y. Ing
Andrew H. Isaacs
Sharon Ann Jaeger
Robert C. Jusino
Bruce M. Kaplan
Terence Kelly Kearney
Charles J. Keller
Raymond F. Kent
Lisa Z. Killinger
Ron O. Kirk
Edwin Kletzel
Karen K. Konarski-Hart
Willaim Jeffrey Kramer
Michael Krys
Karl L. Lamb
Dana J. Lawrence
Paul J. Lienhart
Xiao-Dong Liu
Cynthia R. Long
Paul E. Lyons
Nicholas P. Madero
Michele J. Maiers
Fabrizio Mancini
Douglas P. Manfra
Ronald G. Manoni
Duane J. Marquart
Gustano H. Marshall
Eric L. Martin
Robert M. Martinez
William A. Mathes
Kevin A. McCarthy
George B. McClelland
William C. McClure
John W. McDaniel
Kenneth M. McWilliams
William C. Meeker
Kevin D. Meeks
Kristi Jane Mettler
R. Douglas Metz
Mike N. Milinkovic
Robert Doyle Mootz
Elaine Morschhauser
Scott Morschhauser
Jean A. Moss
Sam S. Moursalian
Joseph J. Murphy
Michael A. Noonan
Randall Northcutt
Carson E. Odegard
Robert S. Ohlson
Paul E. Okamoto
Donald Wayne Olson
Nicholas F. Palmieri
John C. Pammer
Irene Natalie Paulavicius
Michael G. Perillo
Larry Peters
Donald M. Petersen
Reed B. Phillips
Gregory Plaugher
Miroslaw Polanski
Teri A. Prince
Ravid M. Raphael
Carlos F. Reyes
Anthony L. Rosner
Frank Al Rymer
Steven M. Santolin
Michael T. Schaefer
Julie A. Schrad
Louis D. Sclafani
Fred Seals
Margaret A. Seron
Randall R. Shaffer
Clyde D. Shick
Monica M. Smith
James Richard Spiering
Louis Sportelli
Jeffrey M. Steinhardt
Lisa K. Steward
John Stites
Larry L. Swank
Bao Minh Ta
Paige Thibodeau
Rodney Carmel Thompson
Patricia M. Tillou
Sondra D. Tillou
Carri L. Tingstrom
Gene S. Tobias
Kris W. Tosczak
Raymond P. Trottier
Heather L. Turpin
William F. Updyke
Sharon A. Vallone
Coralee A. Van Egmond
Catharina M.V.H. Williams
Arthur T. Walker
Wayne M. Whalen
Jerry R. Willis
Brian K. Wilson
H. William Wolfson
Danny C. Wong
Linda Lee Zange

We once had over 800 members; this list shows only the current membership of a little over 200. If you've never been a member, join us now. If you are a former member, renew now and join our cause again. Membership information can be obtained at, or by calling section membership Chairperson Dr. Monica Smith (Palmer College of Chiropractic) at 563-884-5162.

Rand Baird, DC, MPH
Torrance, California

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