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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 27, 2003, Vol. 21, Issue 03

Minor Remedies for Major Problems

By Frank King, DC
Homeopathy and chiropractic are similar on several levels. Both healing systems take the premise that we are designed to be healthy, and work to activate our innate ability to heal and restore. In both, the key is finding and correcting all the interferences, and their actions are bioenergetic, rather than biochemical. With dilutions beyond the molecular levels, homeopathy works deep within the energetic control systems of the body to correct aberrant nerve reflexes that have caused dysfunction.

Homeopathy and chiropractic are both highly individualized; finding the corrections for interferences is the key to their success. Any true cure requires actual correction of the underlying cause; this is not always easy, but well worth the results. Both disciplines also utilize seemingly minor remedies to solve many major problems.

With thousands of remedies from which to choose, homeopathy is an easily accessible system. The homeopathic procedures I utilize have been refined in chiropractic practice for 25 years, yet challenging cases still arise. Those willing to meet these challenges will reap the rewards.

A vast accumulation of clinical data empowers the chiropractor to make the most significant healing impact without spending excess time with patients. The key is to stay persistent when faced with a challenging case. The only losers are the quitters. If you keep your mind open to all possible underlying causes and follow simple procedures, the pieces of the health puzzle will naturally come together. Homeopathy is based on the law of similars, so your procedure should consider whatever products seem similar.

In my practice, I use procedural forms, including a patient health appraisal, worksheet and test sheet. These forms, along with the reflex response test, make homeopathy simple and easy for anyone to practice.

Let's look at how minor remedies can help solve some of the more difficult cases. In a chronic back pain case, I first consider the more common remedies, such as "back and neck muscle and joint injury formula," or "arthritis and joint formula." If one of these tests positive, but only shows minor results, I look further. For example, I use the following remedies for the following ailments. (Note: All the formulas listed below are named generically, with many named for the ailments they treat. Most homeopathic products have similar names.)

  • Muscle maximizer - treats hormonal imbalances causing muscle weakness;
  • Sporting edge - produces strength and endurance;
  • Sciatiplex - treats sciatic nerve involvement;
  • Calcium metabolizer - provides complete calcium metabolism and utilization;
  • Bone strengthener;
  • ICV formula - treats the ileocecal valve (ICV) and related back problems and toxicity;
  • Stress control;
  • Anxiety and nervousness;
  • Fears and phobias;
  • Acid cleanse - provides neutralization;
  • Wound recovery;
  • Scar cure;
  • Constitutional enhancer - for overall health enhancement;
  • Constipation;
  • Urinary infections;
  • Female reproductive remedies;
  • Male reproductive remedies;
  • All the detox remedies;
  • TMJ/Jaw - for temporomandibular and jaw pain; and
  • Lymeplex - for related symptoms similar to Lyme disease.

Other considerations become evident when looking at the whole person. For example, although homeopathy (as with chiropractic) does not treat symptoms, it does listen closely to symptoms. The body communicates a specific language. What it says the loudest tells us the general order in which to correct the underlying causes.

Seemingly unrelated problems commonly clear up using homeopathy. For example, you may give a "back and neck muscle and joint injury formula" and see someone's indigestion also clear up; or administer a wart formula and watch him or her turn from negative to positive. This is because homeopathy treats the whole person, not just the symptom; it also explains why you always want to look at the whole person with a health appraisal questionnaire. Always look to helping the whole person, and the symptoms will take care of themselves.

Since homeopathy is based on similars, if what you utilize first doesn't fully correct the problem, look for other homeopathic formulas to fill in the missing pieces. Diligent doctors correct the chronic recurring problems others can't. These are the doctors everyone wants to see!

Frank King, DC, ND
Asheville, North Carolina

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