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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 1, 2003, Vol. 21, Issue 01

DuVall Strikes Again!

Wall Street Journal Article Reveals NACM Position

By Editorial Staff
The health section of the November 19, 2002 issue of the Wall Street Journal featured an article entitled: "Should You Try a Chiropractor?"1 The comments made in the article ranged from condescending to almost libelous against the chiropractic profession:

"Though it's estimated that more than 20 million Americans visit a chiropractor every year, many others are leery of chiropractic care, viewing it as quackery."

"Some chiropractors still cling to this scientifically unproven idea (subluxations), claiming that spinal manipulation is the answer to everything from asthma to diabetes."

"Spinal manipulation, done improperly or inappropriately, can cause injury.

Most serious is the possibility of artery damage, leading to a stroke, from manipulation of the neck."

"Before going to a chiropractor, it's a good idea to see a physician who can properly diagnose your problem and rule out any serious underlying causes."

"To find a qualified chiropractor who sticks to medically proven therapy, check with the National Association of Chiropractic Medicine ("

"Beware of anyone who performs X-rays, which are generally not helpful in diagnosing the types of ailments that chiropractic can treat."

"Avoid those who perform strange-sounding diagnostic tests, such as 'biological terrain assessment,' or who prescribe dietary supplements."

"Therapy typically entails two or three visits a week for several weeks. If it doesn't help after 12 sessions, don't continue."

The Wall Street Journal contacted other chiropractic organizations and individuals in addition to DuVall, Dynamic Chiropractic among them. But it is obvious by the resulting article that the information provided by DuVall was the primary basis.

One can only wonder what effect DuVall's misguided appointment to the VA Advisory Committee had on his credibility with the author. This brings to mind the question:

How long will the VA continue to turn a blind eye to DuVall's anti-chiropractic antics?


  1. Davis RJ. Should you try a chiropractor? Wall Street Journal, November 19, 2002.


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