47 Focusing on Lifelong Prevention and Wellness: APHA Annual Meeting
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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 15, 2013, Vol. 31, Issue 04

Focusing on Lifelong Prevention and Wellness: APHA Annual Meeting

By Rand Baird, DC, MPH, FICA, FICC

The Chiropractic Health Care (CHC) section of the American Public Health Association (APHA) met at the 140th APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Francisco in late October 2012, and it was another triumph for chiropractic and its public health advocates.

Billed as the most important public health event of the year in the United States, the final attendance was estimated at nearly 12,500 registrants. A huge number of diversified topics was covered among the more than 4,000 papers presented in over 1,000 scientific sessions. The 2012 APHA program was a comprehensive collection of oral presentations, round-table workshops, poster sessions, films, learning institutes, panel discussions, network opportunities, a career mart, and information and giveaways in the expo hall – all designed to enhance knowledge and exchange information about public health science, practice, and policy. It was a tremendous platform for sharing science, discussing advocacy efforts, building partnerships and addressing emerging health issues.

Notable Attendees

The 2012 APHA meeting theme was "Prevention and Wellness Across the Lifespan," a theme that emphasizes the importance of shifting our approach to health toward one that focuses on wellness across all stages of life. The Opening General Session featured APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, and APHA President Melvin Shipp, OD, MPH, DrPh. Other keynote speakers at the Opening General Session were Reed Tuckson, MD, executive director of United Health Group; Barbara Garcia, MPA, director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health; Kathleen Billingsley, RN, from the California Department of Public Health; a video address by CDC Director Thomas Frieden, MD, MPH; Raymond Baxter, PhD, senior vice president of Kaiser Permanente; authoress Gail Sheehy; and a surprise address by former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

family generation - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Many of the major leaders in government and health customarily attend the APHA's Annual Meeting, and 2012 was no exception. In addition to the keynote speakers listed above, among those present were the health commissioners of several states; representatives of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services; officials from WHO, PAHO, HRSA, OSHA and NIOSH; former U.S. surgeons general; various private institutes and voluntary agencies; several current and former elected state politicians and members of Congress; several college and university presidents, deans, program directors, and department heads; various international, federal, state, and local health officials; and other educators, authors, researchers, dignitaries, etc.

As usual, the chiropractic profession was well-represented at the 2012 APHA meeting. Two chiropractic college presidents attended: Dr. Joe Brimhall of Western States and Dr. Bill Meeker of Palmer West. With apologies to any individuals omitted below, in attendance this year were also Drs. Karen Konarski-Hart, Claire Johnson, Bart Green, John Stites, Cyndy Long, Mitch Haas, Lori Byrd, Michelle Maiers, Will Evans, John Hyland, Jason Bartlett, Michael Schneider, Alisa Fairweather, Trent Peng, Karol Donaubauer, Michael Ramcharan, John Stites, Jason Napuli, Chuck Sawyer, Darcy Vavrek, Raheleh Khorsan, Eric Roseen, Eric Hurwitz, James Whedon, Tolu Oyelowo, Gene Tobias, Kim Khauv, Darcy Vavrek, Beth Wisniewski, and Stacie Salsbury. Kelly Ting, RN, and NUHS student Dana Madigan also attended. There were also other chiropractic leaders among those attending, some of whom have held office within APHA and/or presented papers this year. These individuals expertly represented the profession, and overall constituted one of the largest attendances ever at the CHC business meetings.

Program Details

The APHA program is always multidisciplinary and multimedia, with presentations consisting of scientific sessions, films, poster sessions, policy deliberations, technical exhibits, award presentations, and business meetings. Selected sessions were broadcast via live satellite and available in various formats. For the 28th consecutive year, chiropractic was included among the 1,000-plus sessions of 4,000-plus scientific and technical paper presentations covering more than 30 specialty areas of health care.

There were five program sessions dedicated exclusively to chiropractic topics, expertly organized by Dr. Michael Schneider. These included some 23 paper presentations prepared by several authors holding various credentials. A few of the authors were associated with more than one paper.

  • Session 3022.0 Chiropractic, public health and underserved communities
  • Session 3119.0 Musculoskeletal pain and disability as a public health priority
  • Session 3219.0 Innovation in public health education within the chiropractic colleges
  • Session 3323.0 Chiropractic research: current status and updates
  • Session 3418.0 Policy, regulation, comparative and cost-effectiveness research

The five sessions were well-attended and quite well-received. Multidisciplinary audiences of 40 or more were in attendance, and the meeting rooms were filled to capacity for some sessions.

New Officers, Section Awards

Chiropractic Health Care section officers who will serve for 2013 (elected or appointed) include the following:

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Lori Byrd, MS
  • Chair-elect: John Hyland, DC, MPH
  • Secretary: Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd

Section Council

  • Bart Green, DC, MSEd, PhD (cand.)
  • Karol Donaubauer, DC, CCSP, BA
  • Lisa Z. Killinger, DC
  • Michael J. Schneider, DC, PhD
  • Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, PhD (cand.)
  • Jason Napuli, DC, MBA

Governing Council

  • John Stites, DC, DACBR, FACO
  • Jason Bartlett, DC

Committee Chairs

  • Awards: Dr. Bart Green
  • Communications: Dr. Claire Johnson
  • Others (under Communications Committee):
  • DC Column Editor: Dr. Rand Baird
  • Web Page Coordinator: Dr. Claire Johnson
  • Exhibit Booth Coordinator: Dr. Jason Napuli
  • Newsletter Editor: Kara Burnham, PhD
  • ACA Committee on APHA, Wellness & Health Promotion: Dr. Karen Konarski-Hart
  • Membership: Dr. Michele Maiers
  • Nominations: Kim Khauv, DC
  • Program: Dr. Michael Schneider; co-chairs: Eric Roseen, DC and Dr. Claire Johnson
  • Resolutions: John Stites, DC, DACBR, FACO
  • Section Manual: Mitchell Haas, MA, DC
  • Intersectional Council (ISC); terms expire after the annual meeting in the year listed: Dr. Lori Byrd (chair, 2015 term expiration), Dr. John Hyland (chair-elect, 2017) and Paul Dougherty, DC (immediate past chair, 2013), all ex-officio members.
  • Action Board Representative: Bonnie Hillsberg, DC, MHA, MEd

Section awards, announced by CHC Awards Committee Chair, Dr. Bart Green, included Dr. Michael Schneider (Rising Star), Dr. Claire Johnson (Distinguished Service) and Dr. Bill Meeker (Lifetime Achievement).

APHA 114th Annual Meeting - 2013

This year's APHA annual meeting will be held in Boston from Nov. 2-6, 2013. The theme of the 2013 meeting is "Think Global, Act Local – Best Practices Around the World." This is certainly a theme compatible with chiropractic values. For more information on joining the American Public Health Association and participating in events through its Chiropractic Health Care section, visit www.apha.org or contact CHC Membership Chair, Dr. Michele Maiers, at .

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