63 Chiropractic's Political Battle: Your Vote Is Needed Now
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Dynamic Chiropractic – October 7, 2012, Vol. 30, Issue 21

Chiropractic's Political Battle: Your Vote Is Needed Now

By Kent Greenawalt

Seen any political ads lately? I don't have to tell you that there is a presidential election next month; all you have to do is turn on the television or look at any newspaper. You're inundated with messages suggesting the choice you should make if you "love your country." But here's the thing: Regardless of which side you support, it's your choice to vote that shows your patriotism.

Choosing to participate instead of standing on the sidelines is what makes the political process important. This election season has a lot in common with chiropractic. Your voice is needed far beyond a voting booth.

Your Vote Is the Biggest Platform You Have

Being part of a free country enables us to vote in a safe election process; one in which no one fears their personal choice would cause them to lose their job or worse, lose their life. And no one is forced to vote; it's not mandatory. Voting is a right – and a privilege – we can exercise. Most people never meet their leaders in person and have no way to set policies, but the ability to vote is universal, and it is the biggest platform we have.

Voting is a powerful voice for "regular" people to choose leaders who then make decisions on our behalf for years to come. We have the right to hire or fire elected officials based on our beliefs and our vision for the country. It's easy to take these freedoms for granted, so it's important to take a moment and realize how lucky we are. When we think of those who fought for our country, so many who died fighting for our freedoms, we quickly realize how important it is to respect their sacrifices and take our responsibility seriously. Our responsibility is to participate in the election process – to stand up and vote.

vote - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Chiropractic's Political Battle

The election process is similar to what chiropractors face on a daily basis. You are privileged to have the ability to help others, but it brings with it a responsibility to do your best for your patients and your profession. The negative press campaigns endure is also common for chiropractors to deal with on a regular basis. While there aren't TV commercials every 15 minutes saying terrible (and often, untrue) things about us as people, chiropractors do have to deal with the mudslinging that has gone on against our profession since its inception.

Think of those chiropractors generations ago who went to jail because chiropractic was deemed illegal or harmful. They knew, even then, that chiropractic helps people lead happier, healthier lives. Yet the smear campaigns have continued. From members of the medical community slamming chiropractic with misinformation, to the public's often-unflattering perception, we must rise above the negative news and continue to increase our positive voice about chiropractic. We must remember those chiropractors who came before us; who believed in our profession and stood up for what was right.

New Opportunities for Change

Now it's your turn to do the same. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) is working hard every day to spread that positive message, not only to your community, but also to the world. We want everyone to know what chiropractic can do and to dispel any rumors or misrepresentations about our profession. The foundation is working hard to move public opinion on chiropractic by providing positive messaging on a local, national and international level. In fact, the F4CP recently found two new celebrities to support the positive press campaign:

  • Aaron Rodgers: The quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and the NFL's Most Valuable Player in 2011 has agreed to be featured in a foundation ad alongside his father, Dr. Ed Rodgers, a doctor of chiropractic in Chico, Calif. The ad will run in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated, and a poster will be available for F4CP supporters. In return for Rodgers' support, the F4CP has been asked to contribute to a project that will have great implications for the profession. Rodgers will purchase football helmets equipped with new concussion-reduction technology for every member of the Chico High School football team. The foundation will publicize its contribution, placing chiropractic prominently in the discussions regarding safety and concussion – a significant issue in sports health care today.
  • Danny Glover: The famous actor has also agreed to participate in a foundation ad with his chiropractor. Glover's involvement stems from his longtime friendship with F4CP spokesperson Jerry Rice and his appreciation of chiropractic care.

Exercise Your Right to Help Give Chiropractic a Bigger Voice

An election is about a choice. You must choose to participate (to vote) to have your voice heard. The same is true for chiropractic. You must choose to be a part of something bigger than yourself so we can have a bigger voice – a positive voice – to help this profession. Standing up for other chiropractors and working together to spread the good news of chiropractic is a responsibility we must embrace – together.

As the F4CP gains more support, the general public and media will advance both their acceptance and knowledge of chiropractic. Help spread awareness by supporting the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Visit www.f4cp.com or call 866.901.F4CP (3427) to join today.

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