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March 22, 2012

WikiChiro Foundation Announces Chiropractic Wikipedia:

The Board of Directors of the WikiChiro Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of the Chiropractic Wikipedia (, an encyclopedia chiropractica for the chiropractic profession.

For too long the chiropractic profession has suffered from the constant barrage of criticism online.

The blatant slander of our profession is not random. There are people out there with agendas that violate the permanent injunction issued in Wilk, et al. Proving the source can be difficult, however, and thus assigning blame can also be problematic.

So, how to fight back? In the end, truth must prevail, and those posting cherry-picked or irrelevant references in supposed encyclopedia articles which purport to show that chiropractors are causing strokes, or other disabilities, when the truth is that numerous valid and significant scientific studies have been done and published which demonstrate that CMT is superior to other methods of treatment.

First, we have to educate not only the public, but also ourselves regarding the state of scientific research out there. An encyclopedia chiropractica can provide articles we can all understand that interpret the scientific language many find difficult to comprehend.

Second, we need to develop a consensus on the value of that research.

Third, we need to get our community consensus to fly higher in search engine optimization (SEO) than the self-appointed watchers of supposed "quackery" run by disgruntled unqualified "experts" with nothing to do but slander us.

To this end, Dr. Stephen Press, together with his son, Robert Press, MS, DC, founded the WikiChiro Foundation. Dr. Stephen is well-known in the profession as the man perhaps most responsible for bringing chiropractic into the Olympic movement; founding the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS); the IAOCO and other agencies; serving as chief physician to the USSR at the Winter Olympics in 1992; and being a member of the medical commissions of various International sports federations. is a voluntary, nonprofit corporation [501 C (iii) pending], and no funds go to anyone individually. They all go to improving our profession's image online and expanding the encyclopedia.

Dr. Press has brought together a stellar board and fantastic scientific advisory panel consisting of many of the premier names in chiropractic science from around the world. Drs. Reed Phillips and Stephen Perle are board members, along with Profs. Kim Ross (CMCC) and Ezra Cohen (NUHS); Todd Reiter, DC, MD; and Anne Jensen, a PhD candidate at Oxford University, who is board secretary.

The scientific advisory board currently consists of Drs. Medhat Alattar (Palmer Florida), Lisa Bloom (NYCC), Christine Goertz (Palmer), Heidi Haavik-Taylor (NZCC), Cheryl Hawk (Logan), Deb Kopansky-Giles (CMCC), Dana Lawrence (Palmer), Tony Rosner (ICAK), John Stump (ICA SC – Past-Pres.), Peter Tuchin (Macquary – Aust.), and Howard Vernon (CMCC).

All colleges are invited to participate, and researchers should contact Dr. Stephen Press at to join the SAB.


A Wiki is both an encyclopedia and a community forum. Anyone can edit! All students and all DCs are invited to participate. Just log in and create an account. You cannot hurt the site. If you make a mistake, it can be reverted.

If you are complaining about something on the site, then you didn't get the idea! Don't complain; contribute … argue your position. We welcome your comments on the talk (discussion) page. Just sign your comments with four tildes like this: ~~~~. That will place a signature and date stamp your remark. If you have some reference to back up a statement, then go into the document and update the article.

Wikichiro is not a place for dogma; it is a place for consensus.


NO! Only unscientific, baseless criticism will be removed. We are only deleting references from people and articles purporting to have knowledge they do not really have. WikiChiro welcomes criticism of chiropractic if it is evidence based and legitimate.

We want you to know that when you link to our articles, they have been vetted by our panel of experts.


Because if we work together to bring the articles on WikiChiro up to the state of the art as far as our scientific knowledge of our profession is concerned, the we will become the state of the art for the world to see when they "Google" our field.


All of our profession's societies and institutions should link to as a resource for DCs. All DCs with articles on various aspects of chiropractic on their websites should link to the state-of the science articles on WikiChiro. The key is incoming links to WikiChiro, which will raise our position so that we as a profession can compete with the self-appointed guardians against quackery who have been discredited over and over, but whose opinions are still lionized on other sites.

Truth and real science will prevail over outdated and skewed slander and prejudice.

We are in dire need of bilingual chiropractors who can help with our French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, German and Spanish Wikis. You can become the site administrator for your language.

For more information; to become a language administrator, if you're a researcher from a school not already represented, or just to participate in a good discussion, go to and log in, or e-mail Dr. Stephen Press at for more information.

Source: WikiChiro Foundation


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