52 Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Is in it for the Long Haul
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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 26, 2011, Vol. 29, Issue 05

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Is in it for the Long Haul

By Kent Greenawalt

A marathon is not run in a few steps. It takes literally thousands of steps, one step, after another, after another - over and over again - for 26.2 grueling miles to reach the finish line.

It takes considerable preparation and hard work, and even then, it's still not easy. The same can be said for promoting the benefits of chiropractic to the general public. How do you spread a true message that shows what chiropractic actually does, why it's so helpful and who uses it regularly?

That's where the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) comes in. The FCP has grown from a simple idea into a powerful force with major star power in only five years. It has taken step after step to gain more momentum and now the FCP is jumping leaps and bounds toward its goal of creating more positive press about chiropractic. However, the race isn't over and the goals haven't been fully achieved. Let's take a look at some of the FCP's recent activities to spread the good word about the chiropractic profession.

High-Profile Spokespeople

NFL Hall-of-Famer Jerry Rice, Retired Brigadier General Becky Halstead and three of the Washington Redskins cheerleaders represented the Foundation at Parker Seminars in Las Vegas in January 2011. They met with doctors, signed autographs, posed for photos and promoted the foundation.

Ad Placement in Major Publications

The foundation spread the positive message about chiropractic with ads in major publications last month. These included a full-page ad in Sports Illustrated and a half-page ad in both the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. All of these ads featured NFL legend and foundation spokesperson Jerry Rice, and were placed during the height of the NFL playoffs, when interest in football is heightened.

Six-Figure Fund-Raising

Over a three-day period at the Parker Seminars in Las Vegas last month, the foundation raised over $100,000 in new funds. This six-figure number does not include vendors who support the FCP. The number of monthly contributors doubled the number who signed up at the same event in 2010. These new monthly contributors pledged an annual contribution of more than $44,000. There are now more than 2,000 monthly contributors to the FCP.

The Latest Vendor Support

The FCP needs not only chiropractors' support to succeed; it also needs support from state associations and vendors in the profession. Here is a look at the most recent list of groups that signed up to help at the Parker Seminars in Las Vegas:

  • ScripHessco: $10,000 (renewed pledge from 2010)
  • Kinesio Tex (KT) Tape: $6,000
  • Lloyd's Table: $6,000
  • Direct Force: at least $6,000
  • Cryoderm: $6,000
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University: $15,000
  • Michigan Association of Chiropractors: $18,000 (renewed pledge from 2010)

I do not publish these donations simply as a public "pat on the back" for these groups. Instead, I share the financial aspect of the FCP to highlight the fact that as our budget grows, so will our resources to step up our presence both in the print and electronic media. By strengthening our numbers, the foundation will be able to continue to attract and work with prestigious public figures that further strengthen the credibility of this profession.

Health Insurance Presence

The foundation has become a part of the National Health Leadership Council (NHLC), which is a membership group established by the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH). Joining this council makes the foundation the first chiropractic group to have a presence among health industry leaders. The foundation also became an official member of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) - guaranteeing that the FCP's press releases will be shared with the employer health community.

Building on Last Year's Success

The foundation is raising the bar set in 2010. This year, the FCP plans to produce and distribute six new TV spots - an increase from the four that were created last year; increase the number of print advertorials from five to eight; create and release a new radio PSA each month; and generate 1-2 new press releases a month.

Also, taking our employer outreach program further, the FCP will have a presence at several different health conferences throughout 2011, including the World Congress (February), the National Business Coalition on Health (March), CDHC Solutions (May) and America's Health Insurance Plan's Fall Forum (September).

How You Can Help

Runners will tell you that the hardest part of a long run is usually the first step out of the house. That's because often it takes more effort to get motivated and actually start on a path than it does to do the work. The FCP is working hard promoting your profession, but just think how much stronger the FCP would be if we had more help from more doctors - if we had help from you.

Now is the time to take that first step and join the team that is promoting chiropractic. Make the move to become a monthly contributor and have an impact on the public's perception of chiropractic. Join the FCP and help more people see the benefits of chiropractic. To learn more about the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress or to arrange an automatic monthly donation, visit www.foundation4cp.com or call 1.866.901.3427.

Contact Information:

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
P.O. Box 560
Carmichael, CA 95609-0560

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