50 Foundation for Chiropractic Progress: Always Moving Forward
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Dynamic Chiropractic – October 21, 2010, Vol. 28, Issue 22

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress: Always Moving Forward

By Kent Greenawalt

1,500 Members and Counting

I am very pleased to report that a goal of reaching 1,500 members during the 2010 Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention and Expo (Aug. 27-29) was not only met, but also surpassed as the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) welcomed more than 60 new members.

In addition, many doctors made a promise to make their pledge to support the foundation in its mission of positive press after the convention. In no time, the FCP will be knocking on the door of 2,000 monthly contributors; roughly 4 percent of the profession!

From the very start of the show, foundation spokesperson Brigadier General Becky Halstead (Ret.), alongside FCP staff and board members, reached out to countless doctors and vendors to share the foundation's goals and vision for the future. Many doctors filled out pledge sheets and vowed to help fuel future media campaigns that will continue to properly position chiropractic care in the media.

During the FCA convention the foundation held a special reception for contributing vendors and prospective partners. After a moving presentation by Brig. Gen. Halstead, three new vendors lined up to donate significant funds. And much to our surprise, some of our oldest supporters announced they were increasing their annual monetary support. Several vendors also stepped up to become individual monthly contributors in addition to their company's donations.

All in all, the 2010 FCA National Convention and Expo was an unforgettable weekend event for the foundation. We thank all who have joined us. Remember, we are just getting started.

Free Marketing Materials

There is no question that the best-kept secret in health care is chiropractic care, and the best-kept secret in the chiropractic profession is the FCP. But do you know the best-kept secret in the foundation? Members have access to all of our marketing materials used in the national media campaign, at no extra cost.

This means you can take any of our high-quality ads and customize them with your own clinic information. This will save our members thousands of dollars in creation and production, not to mention the countless hours spent developing such high-level work. The same goes for our press releases, TV and radio spots, and advertorials; they are all free. To learn more about this opportunity to position yourself as a local expert in your community and drive more patients into your office, simply fill out the e-mail form at www.foundation4cp.com/contact-us.

The Latest Positive Press

Positive testimonials regarding the benefits of chiropractic appeared prominently in three major national publications in August and September. The Aug. 17 issue of The Wall Street Journal included the foundation's advertisement congratulating Jerry Rice on his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and sharing his positive chiropractic testimonial. The ad appeared on page 14A. Select issues of the Aug. 23 Sports Illustrated also featured the Jerry Rice ad (page 58), while the August/September issue of Working Mother featured a foundation advertisement focusing on the value of chiropractic care for pregnant women (page 47). The ad included a positive testimonial from an OB-GYN specialist.

Have You Joined Yet?

Have you joined this national effort to bring positive press to chiropractic? If not, now is the time. Take a look at what you are doing to help your profession. Evaluate what you can do and then join the cause. No donation is too small because every new contribution means one more chiropractor has decided to help their profession. If every chiropractor joined the fight to get more positive press for the profession, there's no limit to what we could accomplish together.

Become a monthly contributor to have an impact on the public's perception of chiropractic. To learn more about the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress or to arrange an automatic monthly donation, visit www.foundation4CP.com. Support the FCP today.

Contact Information:

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
P.O. Box 560
Carmichael, CA 95609-0560

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