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Dynamic Chiropractic – April 22, 2010, Vol. 28, Issue 09

Time for Some Spring Cleaning

Take Charge of Your Annual Commitment to Chiropractic

By Kent Greenawalt

Spring cleaning - you all do it (or at least plan to do it), so you know what the annual chore typically entails: giving the house a thorough cleaning and sorting through your clothes or furniture to determine what to keep and what to donate.

Spring is also the perfect time to take charge of your annual commitment to chiropractic. Now is the time to look at what's important to you and to make a decision to either be "in" or "out." It's simple: You are either "in" and helping to further the chiropractic cause or you are "out" and choosing not to help make a positive difference. You need to be "in."

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) continues to work toward its goal of creating more positive press about chiropractic. The FCP has made some incredible headway and is getting fantastic results; however, the work isn't finished. We need your help to reach more people and tell them about the many benefits of chiropractic care. Take a look at what the FCP has accomplished recently and then make the decision today to join this national effort for positive press!

Making the News: Two Major Press Releases Issued

The foundation issued two major press releases via Business Wire in February 2010, focusing on issues that most of the consumer public and many in the profession are probably not aware of. The first release highlighted the availability of chiropractic care to all 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL), which provides players and personnel with an opportunity to maintain overall health and prevent injury. The foundation worked with the Professional Football Chiropractic Society in securing information and quotes from Super Bowl champions Reggie Bush, Marques Colston and Lance Moore of the New Orleans Saints.

The second release focused on the historic inclusion of chiropractic care inside the Olympic Village Polyclinic, a multidisciplinary facility that offers comprehensive health care and medical services. Though the number of chiropractors treating individual nations has increased over the last decade, the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada marked the first time in Olympic history that chiropractors were on staff to treat athletes from any country. The release also noted that the medical director for the Olympic training facility in Colorado and the medical director of Olympic medical clinics are both doctors of chiropractic.

Standard Process Challenges Distributors to Support FCP

Standard Process, a president's club contributor to the FCP, is going the extra mile to support the foundation. Standard Process, which has contributed over $500,000 to date, has come up with a method to raise additional funds. Beyond the $50,000 the company has pledged for 2010, Standard Process President Charlie DuBois has challenged his managers to become monthly contributors. DuBois's goal is for the foundation to receive the support of all 25 managers.

Thus far, the following Standard Process distributors have pledged their support: Rob DeMarais (Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi), Phil Steinberg (Illinois), Walter Scott (Oklahoma), J. McFarland (Kansas, W. Mo.), Glenn Kikel (Austin, Texas),James Marecic (North Carolina), and Hugh St. Onge (Missouri, Eastern Iowa).

Northwestern President Makes Donation Pitch to Alumni

Northwestern Health Sciences University is another major contributor to the foundation, contributing $55,000 and pledging an additional $25,000 for 2010. During a luncheon held in conjunction with Northwestern's homecoming event, Dr. Mark Zeigler, university president and FCP board member, urged the 1,000 doctors in attendance to become monthly contributors to the foundation. Dr. Zeigler suggested his alumni pledge $100 a month each for five years to the college's capital campaign, $20 of which would go to the foundation per month.

Updated Jerry Rice PSA

The foundation was thrilled to see spokesperson Jerry Rice's recent induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. In light of this major accomplishment, the foundation revised the 60-second TV public service announcement (PSA) in which Rice shares a positive testimonial on chiropractic care. The revision includes mention of his induction and features footage of Rice at the 2010 Parker Seminars in Las Vegas. At the request of many doctors and state associations, we have also created a new 30-second spot. Both new TV spots are available (PSA only) to doctors and state associations who are monthly contributors.

Washington, D.C. Ads Well-Timed With Health Care Talks

The foundation continued its efforts to educate members of Congress of the many benefits associated with chiropractic care by taking out half-page ads in the Feb. 26 issues of POLITICO and Roll Call. Both publications are considered "inside the beltway" and are read by members of Congress as well as White House staffers.

The timing of these pro-chiropractic messages was perfect, as the placement coincided with the Chiropractic Summit and the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference (NCLC). The foundation secured 100 copies of each publication, which they provided to doctors who were lobbying chiropractic issues on Capitol Hill. In addition, the well-publicized meeting between the White House and Republicans to discuss health care occurred the same day that the newspapers were being delivered to members of Congress.

Chiropractic Summit and NCLC a Success for the Foundation

The foundation was represented at both the Chiropractic Summit and the American Chiropractic Association's National Chiropractic Legislative Conference. Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Rebecca Halstead, a foundation spokesperson, visited with members of Congress and spoke on three different occasions to the 600-plus attendees of the legislative conference. She also helped out at the FCP booth, signed autographs and was successful in bringing in new monthly contributions.

Headache Relief and Golf Advertorials Generate Results

The foundation has released an advertorial promoting chiropractic care as a drug-free alternative to the treatment of headaches. As of Feb. 28, 2010 this release has generated 76 news articles in 11 different states with a readership of nearly 4 million. The Web sites the release was posted on were viewed by more than 17 million unique visitors per month.

The FCP also released an advertorial stressing the importance of avid golfers receiving chiropractic care. As of Feb. 28, this release has generated 124 news articles in 13 different states with a readership of nearly 3 million. Sites that posted the release were viewed by more than 112 million unique visitors per month.

Monthly Contributors: See Your Name in National Publications

If you are a monthly contributor to the foundation, your name will be included in a special recognition page that will be featured in upcoming issues of Dynamic Chiropractic and Chiropractic Economics. If you are uncertain about whether you currently are a monthly contributor, please go to the FCP Web site (www.foundation4cp.com) and view the list of contributors.

Vendor, State Association Recognition Ad Featured in Chiropractic Media

Dynamic Chiropractic and Chiropractic Economics both featured the foundation vendor recognition advertisement in February 2010. The ad included vendor and state association contributors who donate at the following levels: founders circle, platinum circle, gold circle, silver and bronze. The FCP has another opportunity to recognize vendors who recently pledged their support to the foundation. Dynamic Chiropractic and Chiropractic Economics have agreed to again donate space in their publication for another vendor and state association recognition ad.

How You Can Help

Have you joined this national effort to bring positive press to chiropractic? If not, now is the time. Evaluate what you are doing to help your profession, what you can do that you're not yet doing, and then join the cause. No donation is too small; every new contribution means one more chiropractor has decided to help the profession. If every chiropractor joined the fight to get more positive press for the profession, there's no limit to what we could accomplish together! Become a monthly contributor to have an impact on the public's perception of chiropractic. With your support, think of how much more we can do to spread the good news to the general public.

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