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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 29, 2010, Vol. 28, Issue 03

Communicating More With Your Patients

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

As the son and grandson of doctors of chiropractic, I have come to appreciate the health that is only available from adopting a wellness lifestyle. I began life with adjustments, good eating and "taking my vitamins." I have never thought of drugs as an option except in the most urgent situations.

Both my parents taught me that God made our bodies so they would heal themselves.

Having never given a chiropractic adjustment, I don't feel particularly qualified to provide information about them specifically, except relative to their benefits. After 54 years of living a wellness lifestyle, I have learned a few things. Exercise, good nutrition and, most importantly, chiropractic adjustments are the path to health (without drugs and surgery) that I have chosen, and I am anxious to share this with as many people as possible.

As part of my job, I have the opportunity to review a great deal of research that confirms our understanding of many aspects of wellness. My goal has been to share as much of this information as I can. But there is just too much solid research being published about the value of a wellness lifestyle; clearly more than can be contained in this column.

With this in mind, the editorial team suggested I provide you (and your patients) with this information via a blog. It gives us all an opportunity to share this information others the opportunity to provide additional information, thoughts and input.

Information has the power to change people's lives. Solid information about wellness has the power to change lives for generations. Just as my grandfather and father instilled wellness in me, so my wife and I have made it part of our responsibility to teach this to our children (and someday grandchildren).

Please take a moment to visit the blog site at: I am very interested in your input, ideas and even criticism. Our goal is to share information that helps you be a more powerful provider of health and wellness information.

If you've never visited a blog site before, please don't be intimidated in the least. You will have the opportunity to read various posts (new posts will come on Tuesdays and Thursdays), add your own comments and provide additional information on the particular study or topic being discussed.

Through this blog, It is my pleasure to share these additional research findings with you in the hopes that they will impact you, your practice and the patients you serve. Please take the time to share this information as the wellness expert in your community.

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