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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 15, 2010, Vol. 28, Issue 02

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Clarifying a Statement by Dr. Pisciottano

Dear Editor:

In "Pro-Solutions Sued for Breach of Contract" [Nov. 18 DC] Dr. Maurice Pisciottano states that "patient education by Visual Odyssey and Bruce Goldsmith and by Dr. Pisciottano" is one of the key components involved in "most all of the packages we have offered our customers:."

As the president of Visual Odyssey since 1976 (when I began making the Neuropatholator electronic wall chart and the company was called Space Odyssey, Ltd.), I would like to correct and clarify Dr. Pisciottano's statement so it is a more accurate reflection of [his] actual contribution to the Visual Odyssey software ROF package. The software that has been available as part of the ProAdjuster equipment package is 100% the creation of Visual Odyssey. In 2001, after seeing the Neuropatholator software at a chiropractic convention, Dr. Pisciottano entered into a vendor/customer relationship with us whereby Visual Odyssey supplied to Pro-Solutions the patient-education software already for sale in the marketplace.

A few years later, a newer version of the Neuropatholator software was incorporated into the ProAdjuster and, at the request of Dr. Pisciottano, Visual Odyssey and Sigma Instruments (the actual manufacturer of the ProAdjuster computer and adjusting software) designed a direct link between the two programs. At no time was any of the content of the Neuropatholator program based on any input from Dr. Pisciottano. He was merely integrating our software into his equipment package for resale. And he was very successful, therefore helping my company move its mission forward.

Bruce Goldsmith
President, Visual Odyssey, Inc.

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