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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 2, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 25

State-by-State Support of Chiropractic

Does Your State Support the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress?

By Kent Greenawalt

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) is launching a new national campaign to continue its goal of generating positive press about our profession.

The FCP is asking all chiropractic state associations to join this State-by-State Across America campaign. Here's how it will work: The FCP will coordinate with state associations to push for state-by-state support of the foundation. The purpose of this new initiative is to generate positive press across the country and encourage state associations to work with the foundation to achieve this goal. At a local level, chiropractors, patients and the state as a whole will "feel" the effects of pro-chiropractic public relations.

By itself, a single state association can accomplish good things for chiropractic, but imagine how much more we could accomplish if all the state associations worked together toward a common goal: bringing positive attention to our profession. We can make it happen with the generosity of chiropractors like you, the combined strength of state associations and the media campaign strategy of the FCP.

State associations (and chiropractic colleges as well) will have the opportunity to buy into an ad campaign that will generate positive press for chiropractic. The campaign will be extremely cost-effective because the FCP has access to deeply discounted advertising rates - oftentimes as much as 80 percent to 90 percent off normal selling rates! This is an exciting opportunity to bring chiropractic awareness literally to the home front of every state in the nation.

Top 12 States Supporting the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
(As of November 2009; state associations and colleges included)
California Chiropractic Association $19,000
Life Chiropractic College West $10,842
Palmer Chiropractic College West $28,800 (Palmer, Palmer West
and Palmer Florida campuses included)
Cleveland Chiropractic College $11,000 (Los Angeles and Kansas
City campuses included)
Southern California University of Health Sciences $10,200
Chiropractic Association of Louisiana $21,000
Florida Chiropractic Association $36,802
Palmer College Florida (See Palmer West donation totals above)
Life University $16,000
Georgia Chiropractic Association $500
Iowa Chiropractic Association $4,000
Palmer College (See Palmer West donation totals above)
Logan Chiropractic College $25,000
Michigan Association of Chiropractors $13,000
Northwestern Health Sciences University $55,000
Minnesota Chiropractic Association $1,000
Nebraska Chiropractic Association $10,000
New York  
New York Chiropractic College $10,000
New York Chiropractic Association $500
New York Chiropractic Council $4,300
North Dakota  
North Dakota Chiropractic Association $14,200
Texas Chiropractic Association $7,600
Parker College of Chiropractic $30,000
Texas Chiropractic College $11,000

Campaign Specifications

  • The FCP maintains control of the entire process, including the placement, selection and frequency of ads; however, input will be accepted from organizations within each state that have contributed to the effort.
  • The rollout of the campaign occurs over a 52-week period, with current supporters (see top 12 states listed in table above) getting priority.
  • At a minimum, a quarter-page ad will be placed in each state. The size of the ad will increase to a half page if the state (association and/or college) have already contributed a minimum of $10,000.
  • Priority will be given to newspapers that are circulated within the state capitol, and placement should attempt to approximate the schedule of the state association's legislative program.
  • The size and/or frequency of the ad can increase if the state association and/or colleges within the state bring in additional dollars.
  • Only the logos of state associations or colleges who are financial supporters will be shown in the ad. The size of the logo will be proportional to the amount of contribution.
  • State associations and/or colleges will continue to have access to the FCP ads whether or not they participate in this campaign.

How You Can Help

First, contact your local state association and urge them to join this important campaign. Your state association will listen to its members, so take a moment to realize how powerful your voice is.

Next, remember that it all starts with one person. You can make a difference simply by joining the FCP. To grow the profession, we must change the negative perception of chiropractic. The FCP is working hard to show the public the positive benefits of chiropractic care. It's up to you to help that positive effort continue.

To make the most impact on the public's perception of chiropractic, you should consider becoming a monthly contributor. While any contribution is helpful, those who become monthly contributors help the foundation to show vendors the profession supports this effort.

With your support and the support of all chiropractic state associations, think how much more we can do to spread the good news to the general public. Join the cause and help more people see the benefits of chiropractic. To learn more about the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress or to arrange an automatic monthly donation, visit www.f4cp.org or call 1.866.901.3427 today.

Contact Information:
The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
P.O. Box 560
Carmichael, CA 95609-0560

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