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Dynamic Chiropractic – June 17, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 13

Chiropractic Team Prepares for the Chicago Marathon

By Editorial Staff

The Non-Profit Chiropractic Organization (NPCO), founded by Palmer College of Chiropractic student Joshua Heines, plans to have a team of runners at this year's Chicago Marathon, the first such team to participate in the race.

As a contributing charity, the NPCO has committed to recruiting 70 runners for the annual event, which will be held on Oct. 11 this year.

"The Chicago Marathon is a perfect event for us to participate in because people come from literally all around the world to run and watch the race," said Heines, who serves as president of the NPCO. "We have the opportunity to stand up, speak out, and raise awareness for chiropractic health care in a unique way. We hope to easily exceed our $100,000 fund-raising goal over the next few months with the help of generous supporters, strategic partnerships, donations and our runners."

The NPCO is in the process of recruiting runners for the October marathon, and is encouraging chiropractors, chiropractic students, patients and other interested parties to join the team or otherwise donate time (as a volunteer) or money (as an official team partner or donor). All team runners receive a personal fund-raising page, accessible through the NPCO Web site ( to help them achieve their fund-raising goal. All funds raised will be used by the NPCO to:

  • establish new nonprofit chiropractic clinics in underdeveloped countries worldwide;
  • continue implementing chiropractic educational programs in communities surrounding existing and new clinics; and
  • raise awareness about chiropractic by expanding awareness of the NPCO and its mission.

"It is through these educational programs that we are able to build relationships with and teach people about chiropractic," said Executive Director Diane DaCruz. "Our goal is to make lifelong, lasting improvements in the health of the communities we are working; it's not a short term mission."

According to Dr. Ryan Novak, a 2008 Palmer graduate and vice president of the NPCO, he committed to running with the NPCO team this fall because "it will be unlike any other sporting event I have participated in. It will have a purpose; a purpose more deeply rooted than just fulfilling my own personal goals and expectations. I have personally seen the effects chiropractic health care has had on villages, and how hope has been brought to thousands of poor and oppressed children and families. This is the vision I am running the marathon with and the message I want to spread!"

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