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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 15, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 02

News In Brief

By Editorial Staff

Chiropractic Products Ceases Publication

Chiropractic Products magazine has ended a long history of publishing to the chiropractic profession. In an e-mail interview in early December 2008, Ascend Media publisher Jody Rich remarked:

"The economy is going through the most difficult period of our lifetimes. While everyone hopes for recovery in 2009, that seems extremely unlikely. Among the many industries being pinched by the prevailing economic circumstances is the chiropractic industry. As a result of these extraordinarily difficult and sustained market conditions, Ascend Media is closing Chiropractic Products at the end of the year.

"This is a difficult decision. We are proud of the information Chiropractic Products brings to its readers and the marketing value the Chiropractic Products' audience has provided for its loyal advertisers. We are deeply grateful to the advertising community for its support of Chiropractic Products over the years.

"Chiropractors make a major and important contribution to society. Their commitment to their patients will never waver. The foundation of the chiropractic industry is that bedrock commitment by chiropractors. The economy, of course, will recover eventually. The chiropractic industry will thrive again. Ascend Media certainly wishes everyone in this great industry every success in the future."

Ascend Media has sold off several titles since mid-2007, including its entire Professional Services Division1 and Healthcare Division,2 and EXPO magazine.3 Ascend is currently focused on "the Continuing Medical Education (CME) sector of the market."


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NHSU Developing Master's Program in Clinical Nutrition

Northwestern Health Sciences University (NHSU) recently received a $750,000 donation from Standard Process to help establish an endowed faculty chair position and master's degree program in clinical nutrition. According to Charles Sawyer, DC, senior vice president and provost at Northwestern, the degree program is already under development and has been a goal for more than two years. The donation by Standard Process puts the university's vision "on a faster track."

Chiropractic care has utilized nutritional science for a long time," said Dr. Sawyer. "Nutrition was taught in chiropractic schools long before it was taught in medical schools. The disciplines have a long-standing relationship."

"With the endowed nutrition chair at Northwestern, a lasting relationship between institutions has been established," added Charles DuBois, president of Standard Process, the Wisconsin-based whole-food supplement company. "This is the foundation of an educational program that will reinforce the value of nutrition and whole-food supplements. We are pleased to be part of this, as it will shape the expectations of nutritional education and the future of wellness practitioners in the health care field."

In other NHSU news, the university is now providing chiropractic care to residents of a senior care center in West St. Paul, Minn. The clinic, which opened in November 2008 at Cerenity Residence of Humboldt, is the result of a relationship that began four years ago at Cerenity Senior Care - Marian of St. Paul. Northwestern currently provides care at both the Marian and Humboldt clinics.

Paul Osterbauer, DC, MPH, an associate professor at the university, works at both locations and says the new clinic will expand the opportunities available to students, including internships, clinic rotations and real-life experience interacting with and treating patients.

Life West Hosts "Meeting of the Minds"

In October, Life West Chiropractic College hosted the fifth annual "Meeting of the Minds," which brought DCs from around the country together to discuss ways to advance the Gonstead technique and promote the chiropractic profession. Life West's curriculum includes Gonstead technique classes, and the college has a student organization dedicated to the technique.

Meeting discussions focused on evolving the technique by reviewing evaluation procedures; understanding subluxation neurology; and using motion X-ray, among other topics. Attendees, each of whom have at least 25 years of experience using Gonstead technique (except for student attendees), also discussed recent research and proposed future research topics.

"The mix of scientific information as it applies to Gonstead chiropractic and how we can apply [it] in daily practice was awesome," said Dr. David Ginsberg, who attended this year's meeting. "I also loved hearing stories about Dr. Gonstead and other old-time chiros."

Dr. Steven Tanaka documented Dr. Clarence Gonstead's career with photographs and a timeline, while Dr. John Rosser shared stories about working with the technique founder at the Gonstead Clinic in the late 1960s.

Northwestern Health Sciences University will host the next Meeting of the Minds, which is scheduled to be held in October 2009. Attendance is being limited to fellows, diplomates and diplomate candidates of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, as well as chiropractors who have been using the technique in practice for 20 or more years. For additional information, visit

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