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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 15, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 02

New Codes for a New Year

By Samuel A. Collins

Q: I always have difficulty getting updates for new codes for the new year. For whatever reason, I never get them until the spring or later. I am hoping you have and will share any new information or codes that are pertinent to the chiropractic profession. Can you help?

A: As you are aware, diagnosis and procedure codes may update or change at the start of a new year. This year is no different, and there are codes in the International Classification of Diseases-9th revision that have relevance to the chiropractic profession.

For 2009, there are 35 new and updated ICD-9 codes for headaches and eight updates for overexertion, strenuous and repetitive movements/loads. Procedure codes for physical medicine and rehabilitation had no updates or new codes. The diagnosis updates are:

For more specific information on the ICD-9, you can visit the Center for Disease Control's National Center for Health Statistics Web site at the following URL:

307.80 Psychogenic pain, unspecified
307.89 Pain disorder related to psychological factors, other
339.00 Cluster headache syndrome, unspecified
339.01 Episodic cluster headache
339.03 Episodic paroxysmal hemicranias
339.04 Chronic paroxysmal hemicranias
339.05 Short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache with conjunctival injection and tearing
339.09 Other trigeminal autonomic cephalgias
339.10 Tension-type headache, unspecified
339.11 Episodic tension-type headache
339.12 Chronic tension-type headache
339.20 Posttraumatic headache, unspecified
339.21 Acute posttraumatic headache
339.22 Chronic posttraumatic headache
339.30 Drug-induced headache, not elsewhere classified
339.41 Hemicrania continua
339.42 New daily persistent headache
339.43 Primary thunderclap headache
339.44 Other complicated headache syndrome
339.81 Hypnic headache
339.82 Headache associated with sexual activity
339.83 Primary cough headache
339.84 Primary exertional headache
339.85 Primary stabbing headache
339.89 Other specified headache syndromes
346.00 Migraine with aura
346.10 Migraine without aura
346.20 Variants of migraine
346.30 Hemiplegic migraine
346.40 Menstrual migraine
346.50 Persistent migraine aura without cerebral infarction
346.60 Persistent migraine aura with cerebral infarction
346.70 Chronic migraine with aura
346.80 Other forms of migraine
346.90 Migraine, unspecified
994.5 Exhaustion due to excessive exertion
E927.0 Overexertion from sudden strenuous and repetitive movements or loads
E927.1 Overexertion from prolonged static position
E927.2 Excessive physical exertion from prolonged activity
E927.3 Cumulative trauma from repetitive motion
E927.4 Cumulative trauma from repetitive impact
E927.8 Other overexertion and strenuous and repetitive movements or load
E927.9 Unspecified overexertion and strenuous and repetitive movements or loads

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