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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 1, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 01

COCSA 2008: Preparing for Change in Health Care

By Editorial Staff

At the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA) annual meeting in November, Dr. Jeffrey Fedorko, newly elected president, emphasized that health care professionals need to be prepared for what appear to be inevitable changes in the coming year.

"[T]he health care landscape as we have known it will undoubtedly begin to change. If chiropractic is to have a say in the outcome, the state associations must be poised to respond rapidly and effectively with positive messages of action to our member doctors and their patients, he said. "Therefore, now more then ever, COCSA must commit to its core mission of supporting the state associations."

Set to the theme "Bridging the River for Success," the annual meeting brought more than 137 delegates from 44 state chiropractic associations together to participate in discussions and workshops aimed at improving their effectiveness in serving their members and advancing the chiropractic profession. In addition to providing association management training for state elected leaders and staff, the meeting covered pressing topics in chiropractic, the introduction of new COCSA programs and policies, and the election of new leadership.

COCSA delegates had the opportunity to learn about various issues affecting state associations nationwide, including changes to the IRS 990 form, how to communicate and interact with the insurance industry, and anti-trust laws and associated issues. The ACA, CCGPP, FCER, ICA and Summit Steering Committee also gave reports.

The 2009 COCSA leadership team includes the following:

  • President: Dr. Jeffrey Fedorko (Ohio)
  • 1st VP: Dr. Kate Rufolo (Pa.)
  • 2nd VP: Dr. David Kassmeier (Neb.)
  • Treasurer: Kathy Chittom (La.)
  • Secretary: Dr. Ken Hughes (Mich.)
  • Past President: Dr. Jerry DeGrado (Kan.)
  • Dist. 1 Director: Dr. John La Monica (N.Y.)
  • Dist. 2 Director: Dr Margaret Freihaut (Mo.)
  • Dist. 3 Director: Dr. Don Cross (Fla.)
  • Dist. 3 Director: Dr. Don Cross (Fla.)
  • Dist. 4 Director: Dr. Harold Lease (Colo.)
  • Dist. 5 Director: Dr. Gary Saito (Hawaii)
  • At-Large Director: Lamont Carter (Tenn.)

The Texas Chiropractic Association, Parker College of Chiropractic, Texas Chiropractic College, NCMIC, Foot Levelers, Alternative Medicine Integration, Standard Process, Core Products, Blanchard Golf Injuries, Breakthrough Coaching, National Payment Providers and OUM all sponsored the 2008 event. The 2009 annual meeting will be held Nov. 12-15 in St. Petersburg, Fla., marking COCSA's 40th anniversary.

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