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Dynamic Chiropractic – September 23, 2008, Vol. 26, Issue 20

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Defining Our Niche

Dear Editor:

A recent article by Dr. Bill Morgan ("This Is Sparta: An Allegorical Lesson," July 15 DC) that discussed the possibility of chiropractic winning the market share wars using insights from the movie "The 300" was excellent but incomplete.

Dr. Morgan correctly advises us to "define the contested field that gives us the greatest advantage and also makes the most sense to society." yet also exhorts to not dabble in chiropractic, but be consumed by and to know everything there is to know about "evidence-based conservative spine care."

An old marketing adage is, "The customer tells you what business you are in." Making what we do "make sense" to society is the challenge, and I submit that attempting to define our niche as evidence-based conservative spine care may make sense academically and in specific marketing situations, but insofar as John Q. Public goes, we will not win that battle. Spartan victory came from focusing on a winnable battlefield, which is why I advocate defining our niche as specialists in motion and posture, addressing biomechanical problems so people - from aging boomers to athletes - can move, feel and be well.

Steven Weiniger, DC
Alpharetta, Ga.

Problems With St. Petersburg College

Dear Editor:

I am a DC in St. Pete who does school exams for all schools except SPC. The reason is that SPC only accepts MDs and DOs to do exams. How can National, a great college of chiropractic, deal with a college that makes DCs drink from a separate water fountain, ride in the back of the bus and use different bathrooms? SPC, or whoever is responsible, needs to give the chiropractors of St. Petersburg, Florida and the nation an apology.

By the way, I also have treated an instructor of SPC's driving school for 18-wheelers and have tried to get in line to do DOT exams, but I haven't gotten to first base, even though I'm willing to give a better price.

Wayne S. Swanson, DC
St. Petersburg, Fla.

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