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Dynamic Chiropractic – October 8, 2007, Vol. 25, Issue 21

It's Time

By Kent Greenawalt

It's time to get real. It's time to get honest. It's time to answer the tough questions. Do you feel frustrated that chiropractic is constantly being slung through the mud in the media? Do you get irate when you see or read false information about your profession? Are you tired of hearing that your profession isn't "real" health care? Are you troubled to see people who could be helped by your care, yet choose not to because they don't understand chiropractic?

If you answered a resounding "YES!" to these questions, it's time to do something about it.

But you have to be honest with yourself and realize you can't solve this issue on your own. Luckily for all of us, a new day is dawning in chiropractic. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) is leading the charge with a national, unified campaign to help our profession. The F4CP is increasing public awareness and bringing positive attention to the value of chiropractic. Take a look at the incredible attention we've brought in so far:

More Than 18 Million Readers

Since July 2006 and continuing all this year, we have been running full-page ads featuring a testimonial to chiropractic care by Sarah Harding-Traverso, Miss Fitness USA 2006, in magazines that reached more than 18.5 million subscribers. These ads ran in the following publications:

  • Newsweek
  • The New York Times Magazine
  • Health
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • U.S. News & World Report
  • Business Week
  • Working Mother
  • Sports Illustrated

150 Million TV Homes

Fox Network's recent telecast of Miss Fitness USA 2007 included a powerful pro-chiropractic TV commercial, viewable by approximately 150 million households.

More Than 128 Newspapers

More than 128 newspapers (a total of 2.8 million subscribers in 10 states) included our March "advertorial" on physical fitness.

100 Radio Stations

Each month, the F4CP sends one or more public service announcements to more than 2,400 AM/FM radio stations. Those announcements are now being carried by 100 stations. Many of these have led to radio interviews about the value of chiropractic with doctors who have joined the foundation.

It's Time to Join!

We are just getting started and we need your help to continue this campaign. We want to show the world how chiropractic can change lives for the better! To learn more about the F4CP or to arrange an automatic monthly donation, visit www.foundation4cp.com. It's time to get real, get honest and get something done! Join the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and get started today. Read the following positive comments about how the F4CP has already affected chiropractic for the better and then join the cause.

  • "This profession has long desired a public-relations program. We believe that the Foundation has a clear and comprehensive plan to educate the public regarding the benefits of chiropractic care, and I am pleased to endorse this effort." - John Maltby, DC, President, ICA
  • "The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is working diligently for every doctor of chiropractic and every chiropractic supplier in this country. Its mission is to better educate the public about the profession. This goal will only be met through significant financial support. I, along with other members of the American Chiropractic Association, have and will continue to donate funds for this essential work. It's an investment that we all must make to ensure a better future for ourselves, our patients and the chiropractic profession." - Richard G. Brassard, DC, ACA President
  • "I am supporting the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress because I believe it is the right strategy, at the right time for the profession. The combination of people, perspectives, interests and hopes embraced by the Foundation are the most promising I have seen in the last 30 years. Being a part of this effort didn't take a second thought." - Gerry Clum, DC, President of Life West and President of World Federation of Chiropractic
  • "I have always believed that a sustained, positive and comprehensive public relations campaign with a single message was needed for our beloved profession to survive and thrive. I sincerely believe the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has finally developed a campaign which everyone in the profession can and should support. Our future depends on it. I am so proud to be a member of the Board of the Foundation and a supporter as well." - Bob Hoffman, DC, President of Master's Circle and Past President of the ICA
  • "This campaign is long overdue and will grow in success with each person who makes the decision to shoulder the responsibility to tell the chiropractic story with a generous investment now and in the years to follow. In our over-medicated, overweight, highly stressed and out-of-adjustment society there is a great need for the chiropractic message in health care. If we don't tell it, who will?" - J. Michael Flynn, DC, 2nd Vice President of the World Federation of Chiropractic and Past Board Chairman of the ACA
  • "I support the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. I have personally contributed to the cause. We as a profession must be responsible for educating the public about chiropractic. Please join me in support of this endeavor." - Lewis J. Bazakos, DC, ACA Chairman of Board of Governors (New York)
  • "The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has the capability of bringing chiropractic into its proper place in health care. By raising the public's awareness to the benefit and safety of the care we offer, it will only bring more patients into our offices. I think we can make a difference and we have the vehicle to do it through the F4CP. Every chiropractor should be a regular monthly contributor." - Daryl D. Wills, DC, Past President, American Chiropractic Association
  • "It is clearly time for us to stop whispering about the 'best kept secret' in healing, wellness and prevention. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has the singular goal of increasing patient utilization of chiropractic services. I have made my personal contribution to support the initial phase of this campaign, and I encourage every doctor of chiropractic to join in funding this noble effort." - Carl S. Cleveland III, DC, President of the Cleveland Chiropractic Colleges
  • "The nation is crying out for change and relief from the high monetary and human cost of our health care system. The problem is that our message isn't getting to the right people. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress will help us solve that problem." - Tom Klapp, DC, Past President of COCSA, Life Chiropractic East Executive Committee
  • "The Campaign for Chiropractic will strengthen the image of the profession by providing the recognition it needs and deserves. Widespread support for this initiative is vital to the future of the chiropractic community." - Charles DuBois, President, Standard Process
  • "The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is exactly what the chiropractic profession needs. We now have a well-planned and consistent message to educate the public on the value of chiropractic care. Every chiropractor should support this effort. Its success will impact greatly the future growth of our practices and our profession. Join us in making it happen." - Fabrizio Mancini, DC, President of Parker College of Chiropractic

Time for a Change

Are you ready to join this list and help us in spreading positive press about chiropractic? All it takes is a little from a lot of chiropractors just like you and our profession will rise to new heights. Your monthly donation is needed to sustain this national campaign and continue the positive press the F4CP is generating for chiropractic. If you are ready for a change and want to see chiropractic grow in a new, positive direction, join the F4CP today. It's time!

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