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Dynamic Chiropractic – August 15, 2006, Vol. 24, Issue 17

Are You All-In?

By Kent Greenawalt

I'm sure you've heard it: "Are you all-in?" It's a common term in poker that means you are putting in all of your chips to place a bet. With the recent explosion of the popularity of poker, it's easy to assume that you're familiar with the phrase.

It seems you can't turn on the television these days without seeing a celebrity poker match, or surf the Internet without stumbling across an ad asking you to join an online poker tournament. So while this question is a common one in the world of poker, it has a new meaning that applies to your profession.

Are you all-in or are you out? For the first time since chiropractic began in 1895, we are promoting the benefits of our profession to the public in a major positive press effort. This effort is an effective way to bring the right publicity to a profession that typically is ignored by the media, except for limited, biased reporting about a handful of cases that do not represent the true chiropractic experience. This is our chance to tell our own story about the many good and positive things chiropractic does for our patients.

How will it work? Soon you will start to see the first stages of this positive press effort. These early stages will show you where we are, where we are headed, and how we plan to get there. We want to let you know what's going on every step of the way, so be on the lookout for the kickoff to our positive press effort!

This summer, several national publications - such as USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, and more - are featuring ads that promote chiropractic. [For more information, see www.chiroweb.com/archives/24/15/05.html.] For the first time, we will reach out as a united front and broadcast chiropractic's benefits to the general public in a series of ads designed to get patients into chiropractors' offices! This is a big step in educating the public about the need for chiropractic. These ads will help spread the word that chiropractic can help everyone, regardless of gender, age or lifestyle. You will see this major effort in the pages of some of the nation's top publications, giving chiropractic the best chance to reach as many readers as possible. Is this terrific or what? It is a historical moment for chiropractic and an exciting time to be a part of the profession.

The organization behind this effort is the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Its main goal is to create positive press for our profession and hopefully get more people seeing chiropractors. The focus is not on one technique or if you are a straight or a mixer; instead, the organization is set on serving the profession as a whole. That means this effort is all about you.

Take a minute to think about how much this could help you on a daily basis:

  • Imagine a positive press effort to promote your practice.
  • Imagine new patients coming to your practice because of a heartwarming story they saw on the news about chiropractic changing a patient's life for the better.
  • Imagine starting a wall of honor in your office, with framed newspaper clip pings of all the powerful stories about chiropractic.
  • Imagine local reporters calling to interview you because they want to learn what chiropractic can do.
  • Imagine your phone ringing because so many people want to experience the wonderful benefits they've heard about in the newspapers, on the television, and in online reports.

Just imagine! We can't do this halfway; either we go all-in or we won't be successful. You can't whisper the praises of chiropractic and expect people to hear you. You have to shout from the rooftops! This positive press effort is designed to do just that. We're not going to sit in the corner and watch the negative press about our profession continue any longer.

We're going to make our own statement about all the amazing things chiropractic has to offer the general public. With one huge voice, we're placing all of our chips in on this bet because we know it's the best way to share the many wonders of chiropractic.

We need your help! So, how can you be a part of this historical moment in chiropractic? It's simple: Become a part of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Join the effort to bring chiropractic to the mainstream public. You know the benefits of chiropractic. You understand how much this profession affects the quality of life for millions of patients. Now it's time to apply that knowledge and share this healing profession with the millions of people who could benefit from it. Help us spread the word through this positive press effort. With your help, we can be more effective. With your help, we can reach more people. With your help, we can make a difference.

Now the cards are on the table, and it's your bet. Are you all-in?

FCP contact information:
1-866-901-3427 (F4CP)

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