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Dynamic Chiropractic – March 12, 2006, Vol. 24, Issue 06

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Are My Patients Evolved or Intelligently Designed? Yes!

Dear Editor:

The question as it was phrased raises a false dichotomy, and there is no way I could have answered the question.

Intelligent design and scientifically verifiable, material evolution are not mutually exclusive! It is not an either/or question, but a both/and issue.

Evolutionary mechanisms are capable of being fully explicable scientifically, even if we haven't progressed to that point yet. The fact that evolution is scientifically explicable in terms of cause and effect does not mean that there isn't some form of creative intelligence ultimately responsible for the existence of the wonderful phenomenon of evolution on this planet. But that doesn't mean that evolutionary science or the nature or specifics of biological evolution can or should be used to try and prove the existence of a creator or intelligent design. To try and do so demonstrates a misunderstanding of what science and religion are.

Belief in intelligent design or a creator is not a scientific issue and cannot be verified or falsified using the scientific method. The existence of an intelligent force or personal creator is a religious and philosophical issue, and should not be introduced into the scientific investigation of the mechanisms of biological phenomena.

"How do you see your patients: as evolved beings or created by intelligent design?" My response is yes!

Steven Hecht, DC
Concord, Massachusetts

Remember the Science Behind Chiropractic

Dear Editor:

I just saw the results of your latest poll regarding the nature of our patients: evolved vs. designed []. Oh my, the results are scary. Chiropractic is making many advances scientifically and is becoming more and more accepted, both by our colleagues and the public. If I were you, I'd take the results of that poll off your site, or put it somewhere small and hard to find. Despite one's theology, intelligent design is unaccepted by almost the totality of the scientific community. Only a handful of zealots even bring this point to question.

I was surprised the question was even raised on your site and even more surprised when I saw the results. Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy science being one of the three staples.

Adam Doan, DC
Astoria, New York


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