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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 17, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 26

New ICA Billboard Carries Pro-Chiropractic Message

By Editorial Staff

In the July 16, 2005 issue, Dynamic Chiropractic reported on the appearance of an anti-chiropractic billboard in New Haven, Conn., created by an allegedly "international" group of individuals concerned about the dangers of neck manipulation.

Almost immediately, various elements of the chiropractic profession banded together, contacted the billboard display's owner, and were successful in having the billboard removed within 72 hours of its appearance.

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark As we go to press, DC has learned that the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) has installed a new, pro-chiropractic billboard in the same location as the original, negative billboard. The new billboard touts a simple message - "Chiropractic Is Safe" - and offers a link to a Web site of the same name.

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark "ICA members worldwide are determined to share with the public an accurate, ethical and responsible message about chiropractic," said ICA President John J. Maltby, DC. "ICA's positive message stands in sharp contrast to the ugly and deliberate deception fueled by anti-competitive motives that characterized the first billboard."

The ICA also has announced plans to carry its "Chiropractic Is Safe" message nationwide, with additional billboards installed in other high-visibility areas of the country

In addition, the ICA has printed 10,000 bumper stickers with the "Chiropractic Is Safe" slogan to increase public interest in chiropractic. Doctors of chiropractic who are interested in participating in the campaign are encouraged to contact the ICA at .

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