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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 20, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 24

Think again! About Where the Chiropractic Profession Will Be in 2010

By Gene G. Veno

Imagine ... it's 2010 and people everywhere are reading about the care rendered by doctors of chiropractic. They see advertisements in all of the regular periodicals and publications they receive in their homes.

They turn on their televisions and there are commercials about the health benefits of regular chiropractic care. They tune into their favorite radio stations on their way to work and hear how routine chiropractic keeps their bodies in optimum working condition.

Sound too good to be true? It could be, if they never actually get to hear these messages. That's why the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress needs your support; we want everyone to understand why it is vitally important to visit a chiropractor on a regular basis for wellness care. Think about helping us out and this could easily be a reality, not in 2010, but today. Do nothing, and the public may never come to know what they are missing in terms of real "health" care.

The F4CP is all ready to go with spectacular back and neck advertisements and chiropractic lifestyle concepts, which are in keeping with the health care mindset of the Boomer generation. We also are preparing now for the future. We want to help every doctor of chiropractic, and every chiropractic product and service supplier (vendor), who makes a choice to participate in the Campaign for Chiropractic that is sweeping the chiropractic community on a national level.

Think Again about what this profession can accomplish over the next decade if we begin the public education process now. Think Again about how the profession will garner positive media exposure and respect when we conduct a media blitz that exposes all of the benefits chiropractic has to offer. Think Again about the number of people you could help if they actually understood how you could help them!

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is thinking about the chiropractic profession; that is our only focus. So ... we ask that you Think Again about what you can do to assist the Campaign for Chiropractic, a national media campaign that addresses chiropractic care and only chiropractic care. How you treat the patients who come through your door is your business; getting them there is our business.

Gene Veno
President, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Author's note: For further information on the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and its ongoing Campaign for Chiropractic, please send me an e-mail at .

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