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Dynamic Chiropractic – October 24, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 22

The Clock Is Ticking on Health Care and Its Future...

Have You Thought About How You Will Make It Over the Next Decade?

By Gene G. Veno

Now that you've read the title of this article, I know you are interested enough to continue reading. Why? Because you are a concerned professional who is keenly aware that the way you practice today is not the same as the way you will practice in the next 10 (or less) years.

The goal of this article is to help you acquire an understanding of where we would like to see the chiropractic profession positioned over the next 10 years.

We have seen study after study supporting the profession's quality of care and cost effectiveness of delivering that care, yet we have not penetrated the general public's mindset to think about visiting a doctor of chiropractic when they seek health care for themselves and their entire families. Why is this? What has this profession been missing the past 110 years? I think I know some of the answers, and I would be remiss to think I know all of the answers, but stay with me.

During the past 110 years, this profession has had to struggle just to maintain its existence. We had to fight the medical profession, we had to fight the insurance industry and we had to fight for a scope of practice before the legislature in every state legislature America. Aren't we there yet?

I think we have arrived on many of these fronts. Our national and state associations have done a marvelous job in representing this profession; however, the profession at large has not stepped up to support their associations. Then again, that is a personal right and my goal is to offer you a path that will change the public's view of chiropractic, so that, regardless of the changes coming down the pike in the health care system, the chiropractic profession will be a major part of it, in one way or another.

How will we accomplish this? Simply stated, it will not occur through the doors of the legislature or through the insurance lobby. Rather, it will take place right in living rooms across the nation, when we inform and educate the public that chiropractic care is vitally important to their families when seeking wellness and an alternative to traditional health care services.

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress will never tell the public how you practice; we will merely inform and educate them that there is another way to receive quality health care. How you practice is your business; our business is to get the public to think about chiropractic. We know that once they get it in their minds to seek your services, you will provide them with the type of care they have not experienced in years.

You can help today by supporting your Foundation for Chiropractic Progress with a monthly contribution of $100 for the next two years. Your support will allow the foundation to promote the chiropractic profession to the public, so that by the time the health care system changes again, the public will already be aware about whom to call - you!

Think about it, and then think again - support the F4CP.

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