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Dynamic Chiropractic – September 14, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 19

Practice Management, Building and Marketing: What Are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff
You've made the decision to become a doctor of chiropractic; invested money in your education, the perfect practice location, staffing, etc. Now what? Where can you go to find information on products, education and other goods and services to help grow your practice?

"What Are My Choices?" is a monthly column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts: the companies themselves. This column focuses on companies that offer practice management, building and marketing products to the chiropractic profession. Consider the wide range of choices available:

A Trusted Voice: "The Voice of Chiropractic," Trusted Voice™ specializes in on-hold systems, chiropractic radio, patient education CDs, and commercial voice work for TV & radio. Don't miss a single opportunity to educate your patients, build your image, generate referrals, and build your practice. Endorsed by chiropractic associations nationwide. Phone: 757-369-3313; E-mail: ; Web:

Altadonna: Dr. Altadonna will teach you how to quickly and easily double your chiropractic practice in just six months or less, without spinal screenings, attorney lunches, or managed care - guaranteed. 16,967 doctors of chiropractic have requested Dr. Altadonna's free report. Request yours now online. Phone: 800-894-1439; Web:

Breakthrough Coaching: Breakthrough Coaching is the profession's premiere practice development system, having coached thousands of chiropractic and multidisciplinary practices. Founded in 1988, Breakthrough Coaching is recognized for systems that are the most advanced in chiropractic today. To learn more about how we can help break through whatever is holding you back, call us. Our history is your success. Phone: 800-723-8423; Web:

Chapman Management Corporation: Chapman Management Corporation has been helping doctors realize their practice dreams for over 20 years. We concentrate on start-up practices and we are the only group specializing in personal one-on-one training with no weekend seminars to attend or lengthy contracts to sign. We teach low-start-up, low-overhead, high-quality and high-profit practices that you own from the very beginning. Phone: 800-300-2205; E-mail: .

Chiropractic Marketing Solutions: Never worry about new patients or building your practice again. We are having a national education effort to teach people about the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system. We are looking for doctors who are educationally oriented and want to position themselves as the chiropractic office to go to for the best chiropractic care. We're looking for chiropractors who want to build their name and brand in their community. Phone: 866-655-8502; Web:

Crashmobile: The ultimate personal-injury practice builder. The Crashmobile™ is an auto collision simulator that dramatically demonstrates spinal injury in a low-velocity collision. A hydraulic piston moves the seats rapidly forward and back at about 10 mph, producing a vivid, real-time demonstration of a whiplash injury. The accompanying video shows the simulated collision in slow motion, along with digital motion X-rays of damage caused by untreated whiplash injuries. Phone: 866-662-6907; Web:

DB Consultants: We are so confident that our practice management software is the most powerful available that we are offering the opportunity for anyone to try it free for 60 days. Simply register with us, and we will send you a key to download the AS/PC software and begin using it immediately. See why DBC's Windows software is quickly becoming a way of life for so many medical clinics around the country. Phone: 610-847-5065; Web:

Dr. Rob's TV Commercial Marketing System: Forget everything you thought you knew about TV advertising. TV is an untapped goldmine tailor-made for you. Your current patient base is probably at least 65% to 70% female, right? Plus, it's the wife who makes the health care decisions for the entire family. TV programming is overwhelmingly oriented toward the female viewer. It's so incredibly simple, easy and cheap to advertise on TV when you know the insider's only secret. Phone: 800-764-8032; Web:

EMR 4 Doctors: Patient scheduling, accounting, and billing for your practice are made easy with our simple and effective practice management software. Going paperless has so many advantages and with our advanced document management software, it's never been easier. Generate beautiful patient records in seconds and utilize valuable E&M tools with our easy-to-use and fully customizable charting software. Phone: 702-837-9291/727-939-8716; Web:

Fernandez Consultants: Doctors who want to quickly and efficiently build their practices choose consulting and seminars from Dr. Peter G. Fernandez. Dr. Fernandez' clients receive individual attention through regularly scheduled one-on-one consulting, and exclusive advanced learning forums at each of his weekend seminars. For more than 24 years, Dr. Fernandez' personalized consulting programs have consistently helped doctors meet and exceed their practice building goals. Phone: 800-882-4476; E-mail: . Web:

Get New Amazing new patient attraction strategy that works totally on its own and eliminates all the work involved in getting new patients. Phone: 888-857-2621; E-mail: ; Web:

Gibson Management Consultants: The Gibson Management Consultants Program offers the most comprehensive training program available. Many training programs fail to get results due to lack of follow through. Each doctor participating in our program receives personal attention through individual counseling at each weekend seminar, plus unlimited telephone consultations throughout the year. This constant monitoring and program updating assures that your individual plan for practice growth and efficiency is carried out successfully. Phone: 800-468-3606; Web:

Healthy Practices: Providing Web sites for chiropractors and other health care professionals for many years, our advanced online tools are designed to help grow your business and to assist with the many challenges of everyday practice. We make it inexpensive and simple, like "add water and stir." Our special limited-time offer includes two months free with no obligation at conclusion, waiving the normal setup fee, and reducing the annual fee to just $595! Phone: 908-237-2727; E-mail: ; Web:

Kats Management: Kats Management provides an array of consulting services covering every aspect of the chiropractic practice. In the first six months, clients are called twice per month and after that, once per month. The clients have the opportunity to call their consultant as they need throughout the entire length of the contract. These calls will help the client implement their personalized plan. We are the first management company endorsed by the ACA. Phone: 800-843-9162; Web:

Kenneth Freeze: Phone: 800-354-8320; E-mail: .

Medtech-USA, LLC: Medtech offers consulting services on issues involving risk management, medical records, and malpractice issues. In addition, we offer distance learning classes in the following areas: expert witness certification course, personal injury and accident investigation, and functional evaluations. We also offer a variety of books and manuals on nutrition, risk management, personal injury and office management. There are many articles we have written on medical-legal issues, all of which can be downloaded. Phone: 866-225-5055; E-mail: ; Web:

Performance Health Inc./Biofreeze: Use Biofreeze to build your practice. We will customize brochures with your name and phone number with two 5-gram trial packets attached at no charge. We will also provide a waiting room display so your patients know you carry their favorite pain reliever. It's great for generating Biofreeze sales and a "new patient" referral tool. Once a patient tries Biofreeze, they will come back for more to relieve their pain. Phone: 800-246-3733; Web:

Personal Training Company: PTC's mission is to help all humanity seek their highest potential by putting chiropractic first in their search of great health. PTC's purpose is to be a great example of success to PTC clients, and then to help you be the best you can be, by personally training you with successful strategies, systems and action. Phone: 877-771-2879; E-mail: ; Web:

Practice Brokers: We specialize in assisting chiropractors in the sale and purchase of chiropractic clinics. Other services include business valuations and obtaining financing. Phone: 888-878-0027; E-mail: ; Web:

Practice Wealth: Our Ultra-Successful 2005 Volume System is considered by many chiropractors to be the leading practice building system in the world. Now it's finally your turn to fulfill your practice dreams. With only a handful of carefully selected members, we have proven that these methods are the best advice and strategies you'll ever need to reach the practice success and profit potential that you deserve. Phone: 888-262-4409; Web:

PrimeCare America: PrimeCare America is the only firm in the U.S. that brings all of these key services to you in one easy format. Our mission is to put doctors in touch with these essential services in an effective and rewarding manner. Only you know what direction to take with your health care career. This site is devoted to your success as a health care practitioner. The opportunities are just a click away. Phone: 866-847-7222; Web:

Professional Practice Advisors, Inc.: Specializes in appraisal, sale and financing of chiropractic practices nationwide. You deserve to receive sound, professional advice that will protect your financial future. Our 25 years of health-care and practice-sales experience creates innovative solutions, making your future plans of buying or selling a practice a reality. Feel free to call our office for more information. Phone: 800-863-9373; Web:

Professional Staffing Consultants, Inc.: MDs For DCs provides medical doctors in all specialties to work in chiropractic practices. MDs For DCs provides intensive one-on-one consulting and coaching for the multi-specialty practice. Complete practice startup, training, and ongoing support. Traditional chiropractic consulting companies can't teach you how to run a medical practice because they have no MD teachers. Learn to do it correctly from a practicing MD. Phone: 800-916-1462; E-mail: ; Web:

Quantum Chiropractic: The NextWave Intellikit™ for chiropractors: Three CDs, a tuning fork and the special report, "Quantum Physics and Chiropractic Healing" provide you with a daily routine to recharge yourself and stress-free systems for attracting and retaining patients. Learn restorative body/mind techniques to energize yourself and how to implement them into the treatment room with your patients. Prosper in the wellness revolution. Phone: 415-302-5922; E-mail: ; Web:

Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc.: Create your ideal practice. We offer innovative, practical, proven support for increasing success through our books, 81 home-study courses, workshops, coaching services and an information-packed Web site. We want people to do what they love and earn a decent living doing it. You make the world a better place through the power of positive touch and we're here to help you cultivate a practice that's profitable and enjoyable. Phone: 800-786-4774; E-mail: ; Web:

TimeTrade Systems: TimeTrade's Web-based scheduling system provides instant access to a centralized database configured for your unique services, resources, and time availability. Appointments are confirmed "real time" so there's no chance for errors. E-mail reminders reduce no-shows; a built-in report writer generates key information. Phone: 877-884-9224, ext. 1009; E-mail: ; Web:

The Family Practice: Everyone deserves to be healthy, from the time they are born through their last breath of life. The Family Practice provides chiropractors with all the blueprints, marketing, coaching, and educational resources necessary to build a lifetime family wellness community within their practice, and to express their unique, innate potential. We are committed to every chiropractor being as successful as possible, and to the chiropractic profession leading family wellness in the world. Phone: 866-532-3327; Web:

The Masters Circle Inc.: The Masters Circle is a leadership coaching, practice-building and personal-development program for doctors of chiropractic who are serious about achieving success. Through seminars, teleclasses, mastermind groups, private consultations and audiovisual tutorials, you are bathed in a constant stream of positive, informative, inspiring materials to help you discover exactly who you have to be and what you have to do to create the chiropractic practice of your dreams. Phone: 800-451-4514; Web:

The Office Coach: The Office Coach offers a nontraditional approach at chiropractic practice management. We offer daylong seminars every other month, quarterly program agreements and a very high level of coaching support. Seminars called Growth Group Sessions are presented in southern Illinois, Houston, Chicago and Riverside, CA. Seminar topics range from new patient acquisition and compliance building to patient management procedure, business and staff management and more. Phone: 951-302-5948; E-mail: ; Web:

Ultimate Practice Systems: Founded by Dr. Timothy Gay, Ultimate Practice Systems has developed educational tools and manuals designed to aid chiropractors in maximizing their practice potential. Manuals cover topics ranging from office procedures to marketing. Train an efficient and hard-working staff with DVD training presentations. Hold a visually impacting spinal care class with ready-made PowerPoint presentations. Phone: 866-797-8366; Web:

Waiting List Practice: Our purpose in chiropractic is to strengthen the field with as many successful practices as possible. We accomplish this by developing trusting, lasting relationships with chiropractic teams, empowering their practices through our signature training methodology. Team WLP is proud to be the home of ProSkills - the #1 coaching program in the world. ProSkills coaching system has developed more practices profitably serving over 400 patient visits per week than ever before in chiropractic. Phone: 877-832-6957; E-mail: ; Web:

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