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Dynamic Chiropractic – July 30, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 16

Our Apologies to Connecticut Chiropractic Council Members

By Editorial Staff
In our last issue (July 16, 2005), we reported that a number of Connecticut Chiropractic Association members had mobilized in order to contact NextMedia, owner of a billboard in New Haven, Conn., that attacked chiropractic. The billboard, which referred passers-by to a Web site called, offered the chilling words, "Warning: Chiropractic Adjustments Can Kill or Permanently Disable You."

After that article went to press, we became aware that members of the Connecticut Chiropractic Council and others had also been involved in the effort to remove the offensive billboard. Our hats go off to all chiropractors, Connecticut Chiropractic Council and Connecticut Chiropractic Association members, and others who took the time to place the reported 247 phone calls that sent a clear message to NextMedia about the inappropriateness of the billboard.

The original article, "Chiropractic Comes Under Attack in Connecticut," is available online at

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