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Dynamic Chiropractic – July 16, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 15

All First-Time ChiroMall Buyers Receive up to $25 in Cash Rebates

Buy What You Need at Any of the 47 Online Stores

By Editorial Staff

The process is simple: Log in to and make a purchase in any one of your favorite 47 stores now open on ChiroMall, and you will receive a cash rebate of up to $25, mailed directly to you!

Plus, there are now more than 5,000 products and services available on ChiroMall to help you succeed in the care of your patients and growth of your practice.

You can also find great online specials only on ChiroMall. For the latest specials, see

To log in to ChiroMall for the first time, you'll need your unique user ID and password, which were printed on the bottom of the July 2, 2005 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic. If you don't have that issue handy, you can call 1-800-359-2289 to receive your ID and password. Details are also available on

ChiroMall is open 24 hours every day to all licensed doctors of chiropractic. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit ChiroMall, your online shopping site for all things chiropractic, and get the products you need at the low prices you expect.

ChiroMall now offers the following products and services online:

  • Acupuncture Supplies/Products (174 products)
  • Adjusting Instruments/Supplies (23 products)
  • Anatomical Models/Charts (197 products)
  • Aromatherapy Products (90 products)
  • Beauty/Personal Care Products (23 products)
  • Books/Charts/Video & Audio Cassettes (545 products)
  • Chiropractic Art/Clothing/Jewelry (116 products)
  • Clinical Products/Supplies (265 products)
  • Clinical Services/Labs/Lab Equipment (1 product)
  • Computer Software/Hardware (21 products)
  • Diagnostic Equip/Products/Supplies (156 products)
  • Ergonomic Furniture/Products (31 products)
  • Exercise Products/Programs (285 products)
  • Insurance Services (4 products)
  • Magnetic Therapy Supplies/Products (99 products)
  • Massage Products/Services (357 products)
  • Nutritional/Enzymes/Herbs/Homeopathy/Vitamins (183 products)
  • Orthopedic Products/Supplies (1,333 products)
  • Physical Therapy Equip/Supplies/Rehab/Laser (841 products)
  • Practice Business Services(129 products)
  • Seminars/Events (53 products)
  • Tables/Accessories/Services (91 products)
  • X-Ray Products/Services(72 products)

Look for new online stores and many more chiropractic products and services coming to you soon on ChiroMall.

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