Dynamic Chiropractic – June 18, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 13

Software and Computer Supplies: What Are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff
You've made the decision to become a doctor of chiropractic; invested money in your education, the perfect practice location, staffing, etc. Now what? Where can you go to find information on products, education, and other goods and services to help grow your practice?

"What Are My Choices?" is a monthly column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts: the companies themselves.

This column focuses on companies that offer software and computer supplies to the chiropractic profession. Consider the wide range of choices available:

A Trusted Voice: Enhances the image, and the bottom line, of companies across North America. Whether you seek a crisp, professional image in your office, or need talent to promote a product or service worldwide, A Trusted Voice is the obvious choice for world-class voice talent. We present a professional image with studio-produced voicemail and help your patients relax and learn in your office, on the way home, or anywhere else. Phone: 757-369-3313; Web: www.trustedvoice.com.

ChiroTouch: The first chiropractic software system designed to maximize the efficiency of your office. From the moment an appointment is made, to the documentation, billing, and record-keeping, this system is intuitive, easy to use, and enhances the patient experience and your profitability with its chirocentric design. Phone: 800-852-1771; E-mail: ; Web: www.psmedical.com.

DB Consulting: A corporation that emphasizes centralized software development and decentralized field sales, training and support. Today, DBC's software systems are installed in over 6,000 clinics nationwide, including users in every state in the United States as well as Canada. Many of these installations are multi-provider sites, bringing the total number of providers to well over 15,000. Our products can be purchased from a large network of independent authorized dealers across the country. Phone: 610-847-5065; Web: www.dbconsultants.com.

DC Power Notes: ClaKen Software's industry-leading chiropractic patient documentation management system has helped thousands of chiropractic physicians and assistants in many different practice types run their office more efficiently and effectively. DC Power Notes Version 6.0 will help you increase your office's cash flow, improve your business cost-efficiency, help you accomplish more in less time, and give you true piece of mind. Phone: 800-835-3217; Web: www.claken.com.

EMR 4 Doctors: Patient scheduling, accounting, and billing for your practice is made easy with our simple and effective practice management software. Going paperless has so many advantages, and with our advanced document management software, it's never been easier. Generate beautiful patient records in seconds and utilize valuable E&M tools with our easy-to-use and fully customizable charting software. Phone: (707) 837-9291; Web: www.emr4doctors.com.

E-Z BIS, Inc.: A leading developer of software for the chiropractic community since 1980, E-Z BIS, Inc., specializes in producing comprehensive, yet easy-to-use practice management software products. The goal at E-Z BIS is to improve doctor and staff productivity and efficiency by creating software that takes the work out of billing, collecting, scheduling and documentation. E-Z BIS continues to offer innovations in chiropractic practice management software with the latest version, E-Z BIS Office 6.0. Phone: 800-445-7816; E-mail: ; Web: www.ezbis.com.

HJ Ross Company: Offers many products and programs that help health care organizations meet their compliance and operational needs. We are a medical management consultant firm that has been involved with the health care industry for approximately 30 years. Our clients have always depended on us to come up with solutions to the overwhelming changes within the insurance industry. Our goal is to provide clients with high-quality, time-saving and cost-effective products and services. Phone: 866-447-2223; Web: www.hjrosscompany.com.

ICS Software, LTD: Specializes in providing leading practice management and billing software to businesses of varied sizes within the health care industry. All writing and maintaining of programs is done in-house to provide clients with software updates that successfully match changes in the medical climate as they occur. ICS Software's extensive product line includes SammyUSA, SammyNotes, SimpleSam, Pocket Sammy and the new TouchTone Sam. Phone: 212.949.6160; E-mail: ; Web: www.ICSSoftware.net.

Island Software Company: The premier developer of today's leading alternative therapy software. Software is easy to install and utilize. Massage Office Professional 1.0, more advanced than Massage Office 2.2 but still easy-to-use, boasts a new client area, indexing, insurance information storage, onscreen scheduler, new S.O.A.P. notes with anatomical library, new HCFA features, CPT4 and ICD9 codes, more marketing templates, improved word processor, inventory tracking, and customized report generator. Phone: 877.384.0295; Web: www.islandsoftwareco.com.

Medical Voice Products: Phone: 800-795-6256.

Microfour: A medical software development company that specializes in Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records software for health care practices. Our software is dedicated to helping you get back to the care of your patients. The PracticeStudio® system is designed with the flexibility that allows your practice to operate effectively in today's environment. It includes such features as electronic medical records for patient charts, patient billing, electronic claims, appointment scheduling, and more. Phone: 800-235-1856; Web: www.micro4.com.

Motion DNA: Provides diagnostic testing for medical professionals and sports organizations. The company's patented software and hardware systems have been used globally by some of the world's leading health care practitioners, biomechanical research institutions and professional sports agencies. Motion DNA's biomechanical analyses and detailed reports provide its customers and consumers with solutions for preventing injuries, identifying physical limitations, diagnosing pre-existing injuries related to biomechanics, and improving physical performance levels. Phone: 480-425-7734; Web: www.motiondnacorp.com.

Phases Rehab: The most complete rehabilitation software program available. Full-color images enhance your professional image and assist you in documenting active care, while increasing client compliance with handouts they can easily understand. As members of the profession ourselves, we understand your requirements. From our functional interface to our overall presentation, we designed Phases Rehab for you. Phone: 800-231-0518; Web: www.phasesrehab.com.

ProSolutions Software, LLC: Also known as Professional Salon and Spa, we have been the industry leader in salon and spa management software solutions since 1986. We strive to provide clients with the highest quality products, priced reasonably, while maintaining outstanding levels of customer service and support. Services include business-oriented computer software, consulting and training programs, gift certificates and gift cards. Phone: 800-710-3879; E-mail: ; Web: prosolutionssoftware.com.

Quick Notes: A leading software developer in the documentation field since 1988, our unique dictation solutions offer flexibility, customizability, and portability. Quick Notes' products use state-of-the-art patented technology, yet they are easy to learn and simple to use. Quick Notes provides both the front-end dictation solutions and a back-end document database for the office's or department's documentation needs. Phone: 800-899-2468, ext. 238, Web: www.qnotes.com.

Rizzo & Jones: Zipnotes is an efficient and easy method of charting patient progress notes, while still allowing each individual doctor the freedom to utilize specific patient data as he/she prefers. Zipnotes can be used in any practice and can afford the doctor a unique way to have personalized patient-care notes. As you practice utilizing the Zipnotes system, you will become more proficient in making reports to your own individual style. Phone: 877-947-7200; Web: www.rizzoandjones.com.

Talking Intelligence: We offer DC Talk - speech recognition software especially designed for chiropractors to take the hassle out of SOAP notes. Designed for hands-free use, there is no need to use the mouse or keyboard, unless you want to. Support staff can now use DC Talk to schedule patient visits. The doctor is then able to view a day's visits in one convenient place, further simplifying the process of dictating SOAP notes. Phone: 877-269-5556; Web: www.talkingintelligence.com.

TimeTrade Systems: A Web-based scheduling system providing instant access to a centralized database configured for your unique services, resources, and time availability. Appointments are confirmed "real time," so there's no chance for errors. E-mail reminders reduce no-shows; a built-in report writer generates key information. Phone: 877-884-9224 x1009; E-mail: ; Web: www.timetrade.com.

Trigram Software: The maker of AcuBase Pro, the best-selling Chinese medicine practice management system in the U.S. A HIPAA-compliant practice management tool and reference library, AcuBase tracks patients (including HCFAs, superbills, notes, and codes), scheduling, and inventory. AcuBase also comes with a modifiable reference library full of herbs, formulas, points, and drug-herb interaction information. Our software works on Macintosh and Windows-based PCs. Phone: 510-654-3268; E-mail: ; Web: www.trigram.com.

Ventura Designs: Since 1991, Ventura Designs has created innovative software products for rehab, patient education and posture analysis. The company was started with the understanding that patient education could be enhanced through multimedia technologies. As that technology has advanced, so have the products and services we offer. Posture analysis software, patient education DVDs, Web site design and hosting, and posture correction products are just a few of the items we offer. Phone: 913-239-8465; Web: www.posturepro.com.


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