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Dynamic Chiropractic – April 23, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 09

Review the Latest Chiropractic Research Online

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

In April 1998, Dynamic Chiropractic began publishing a newsletter dedicated solely to reviewing the latest, most relevant research on chiropractic, wellness and related topics. The newsletter is called the Chiropractic Research Review (CRR), and back in 1998, it was co-published with support from the NCMIC Insurance Company.

The newsletter provides summaries of important research published in over 100 scientific journals. Each summary includes a review of the study, key results/findings, and a complete reference to the full text.

The last printed issue of the CRR was mailed out in January 2005. At that time, it was converted to a monthly e-mail publication with a supporting Web site ( The Web site uses new database technology, making searches and browsing much more robust. All 1,290 previously published articles are available on the Web site.

The original annual subscription price for the CRR newsletter was $199. With the cost savings that are only available through the Internet (no printing or postage costs), it is now a free service. (You can subscribe online at www.ChiropracticResearch

The site is designed to be a resource for you and your patients on a number of topics. For example, there are 266 review articles on Clinical Chiropractic; 102 articles on Diagnosis and Imaging; and 198 articles on Musculoskeletal Health.

There are also many other articles on various related topics:

  • General Health and Wellness - 106 articles
  • Nutrition, Herbs and Supplements - 148 articles
  • Pediatrics - 146 articles
  • Senior Health - 89 articles
  • Sports and Fitness - 133 articles
  • Women's Health - 113 articles
  • Asian Healing - 10 articles

Research is becoming more important to consumers, who are getting tired of hearing conflicting opinions. Many times, the doctor who provides relevant research is seen as the most credible. Your patients can also access this information, which will help them understand the value of chiropractic care and wellness.

Realizing that patients as well as doctors would read these review articles, the articles are written using terms that are relatively easy to understand. Each review is usually only five or six short paragraphs. They give the reader a clear understanding of the study findings, and provide references that will allow you the opportunity to access and read the entire study for yourself.

Take a few moments to visit and read a few reviews. You will find this a valuable tool for your practice and a wonderful resource in your continuing quest for knowledge and excellence.


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