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Dynamic Chiropractic – March 26, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 07

Chiropractic in South Africa - A People to People Ambassador Program

By Karen Stretch, assistant editor

People to People Ambassador Programs is organizing a delegation of chiropractors that will travel to South Africa from Oct. 16-26, 2005.

The chiropractic delegation, the first of its kind coordinated by People to People, will visit South African health care centers and chiropractic colleges, and meet with some of South Africa's foremost health care professionals.

Extensive discussions are scheduled to take place regarding the delivery of and access to chiropractic care in clinical settings in South Africa; chiropractic education, clinical training and research in the country; the AIDS crisis; and the role of chiropractors in providing palliative care and enhancing quality of life.

Lisa Killinger, DC, 2003-2004 chair of the American Public Health Association's Chiropractic Health Care Section, will lead this historic delegation. "I encourage my fellow chiropractors to pursue this rare and exciting opportunity," said Dr. Killinger. "Delegates can play a role in defining the themes for discussion, and will be able to both share and gain insights through the exchange."

Delegates will also have the opportunity to experience the culture of South Africa at three primary locations: Johannesburg, Kruger National Park and Cape Town. Scheduled activities include a safari, a visit to Nelson Mandela's former home, and a tour of the Ghandi Settlement, as well as the national parks of Cape Town.

People to People Ambassador Programs has been organizing educational trips for professionals for more than 40 years. The delegations are designed to allow professionals to share information with their counterparts in other countries. Former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower developed People to People in his quest for international understanding. President Eisenhower believed that if ordinary people of different nations were able to communicate directly, many would find ways to resolve their differences, thereby finding a way to live in peace.

For more information on the upcoming chiropractic program, including program details and a registration form, call 877-787-2000 or e-mail . To learn more about People to People Ambassador Programs, visit

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