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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 26, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 05

News in Brief

By Editorial Staff
Cleveland Chiropractic Researchers to Present Findings at ACC-RAC

Researchers from the Kansas City and Los Angeles campuses of Cleveland Chiropractic College have been chosen to present their research findings at the 2005 Association of Chiropractic Colleges (AAC) meeting and Research Agenda Conference (RAC), to be held March 17-19 in Las Vegas.

Presenters from the Kansas City campus include: Dr. Mark Pfefer, CCCKC director of research; Dr. C.O. Gowan III, assistant professor; Dr. Brian M. Bond, assistant professor; and Dr. Stephan R. Cooper, recent CCCKC graduate. Researchers from the Los Angeles campus who have been selected to present are: Dr. Gary Globe, CCCLA director of research; Dr. Stanley P. Azen; Dr. Thomas Valente; Dr. Charles Blum; Dr. Isis Zaki, professor; and Dr. Leila Iler, professor.

Drs. Pfefer and Globe each submitted five proposals for the conference, two of which were collaborations between the Kansas City and Los Angeles campuses. Dr. Ashley Cleveland, associate professor, has also been invited to give a presentation on integrating health promotion/disease prevention into chiropractic curriculum.

The theme for the 2005 conference is "Emerging Research and Training Opportunities." The ACC meeting highlights educational structure, administration and teaching, while RAC focuses on the development of scientific knowledge, skill, and attitudes in the discipline of chiropractic.

Northwestern Students to Congress: Provide Chiropractic at Local VA Hospitals!

The Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) chapter at Northwestern Health Sciences University (NHSU) recently spearheaded a letter-writing campaign directed toward Minnesota members of the U.S. Congress. The campaign is in response to concerns that the VA Medical Center in the Twin Cities has not provided onsite care.

Recently passed federal legislation directed the Department of Veterans Affairs to make chiropractic care available to all veterans through VA hospitals around the United States. Currently, the VA Medical Center in the Twin Cities provides offsite chiropractic services for veterans through a referral system that directs patients to DCs in the area. The Minneapolis VA Medical Center, which has the largest patient volume in the upper Midwest, has not provided onsite chiropractic services to this point. The closest VA facility offering onsite chiropractic care is located in South Dakota.

"It really makes an impact when you have a large group of people fighting for the same cause," said SACA President Evan Frisk, who helped to organize the campaign. "Minnesota veterans need and deserve the chiropractic care they are being denied. It is time that we stand together and voice our concerns."

NHSU Administrators Selected to Serve on State Committee

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty recently invited Alfred Traina, DC, president of Northwestern Health Sciences University, and Gert Bronfort, DC, PhD, director of the Neck and Back Research Program at Northwestern, to participate as consultants for the committee on health care that is currently developing best practices for health care in the state.

The committee was scheduled to examine back pain and depression at a meeting in February. In the past, the committee has examined health care related to diabetes, asthma and hypertension. It will report to the legislature on broad-based guidelines regarding health care issues.

"The ultimate goal of the committee is to establish what patients' needs are regarding specific conditions," said Dr. Traina. "It is important that Northwestern be at the table for these discussions because of the implications regarding the future of our scope of practice."

Sherman College Celebrates 100th Commencement

Sherman College's Sept. 18, 2004 commencement ceremony was particularly noteworthy, in that it represented the 100th class to graduate from the college. Thirty-eight of the "Pioneer" graduates from the class of 1976 were on hand to mark the occasion. Sherman's first commencement ceremony was held in a local theatre, as the college did not yet have a permanent facility. Each of the pioneers received a commemorative plaque and enjoyed a reception in their honor.

Dr. Roxzanne B. Breland delivered the commencement address. Dr. Breland is a 1986 magna cum laude graduate of Sherman College and a former Sherman instructor. Sherman's dean of clinical sciences, Dr. Leslie M. Wise, gave the charge to the graduates. Dr. Wise joined Sherman's faculty in 1974.

Alex Carmelo Roa received the Milton W. Garfunkel Award during graduation ceremonies. The Garfunkel award is the highest award given at graduation. Roa also received the B.J. Palmer Philosophy Distinction Award. Roa described his journey from Puerto Rico to the United States in order to attend chiropractic college. At the time, Roa spoke very little English and arrived in the U.S. with no money, vehicle, or friends. He now speaks English and graduated with honors.

In addition, George A. Berry Jr. received the Service Distinction Award. This award is not presented at every commencement; it is given to students who stand out for significant service contributions to the college throughout the course of their studies.

2004 Biofreeze/Performance Health Humanitarian Award

Biofreeze/Performance Health, Inc., presented Dr. Terry Weyman with its 2004 Humanitarian Award at the ProSport Chiropractic Annual Convention in Las Vegas. Dr. Weyman was chosen as the 2004 award recipient because of his achievements and service relating to prostate cancer research and awareness. Dr. Weyman founded the chiropractic Sports Institute and the Prostate Cancer Climb. He is also one of the leadings experts in treating and maintaining the health and abilities of athletes.

Chuck Conto, national sales manager for Performance Health, presented the award to Dr. Weyman, along with a $500 check for the Hap Weyman Memorial Fund Prostate Cancer Research Institute, named after Dr. Weyman's father, who died from the disease in 1990.

"Performance Health is proud to acknowledge the efforts of leading healthcare professionals unselfishly giving to others," said Conto. "Dr. Weyman's commitment to his cause and his dedication towards others made him a natural choice to receive this award."

Pennsylvania Chiropractor Taking Turn at Acting

When Jonathan Michael Masorti, DC, began acting in local theatre productions in Happy Valley, Pa., a producer urged him to go to Manhattan to hone his acting ability.

Dr. Masorti took the producer's advice and has since appeared on the television series "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," "All My Children" and "The Late Show With David Letterman." Dr. Masorti, whose stage name is Jonathon Michael, has also appeared on stage and in a number of commercials.

Dr. Masorti has landed a recurring role on "All My Children" as Hogaisian, a psychiatric-ward orderly and guard. He recently received a callback to play the role of commandant in the upcoming film "Annapolis," starring James Franco, who is known for playing the role of Harry Osborn in the Spiderman films.

"I used to be a chiropractor with an interest in art, but now I'm an artist with an interest in chiropractic," said Masorti.

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