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Dynamic Chiropractic – February 12, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 04

Published Products - Books, Videos, Audios, Charts: What Are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff

You've made the decision to become a doctor of chiropractic; invested money in your education, the perfect practice location, staffing, etc. Now what? Where can you go to find information on products, education and other goods and services to help grow your practice?

"What Are My Choices?" is a monthly column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts: the companies themselves.

This column focuses on companies and institutions that provide published products to the chiropractic profession. Consider the wide range of choices available:

Anatomical Chart Company: A division of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and part of Wolters Kluwer Health, we are the premiere provider of high-quality anatomical charts and related products for the human and veterinary health markets. In addition to charts, books, and models created for medical, legal, educational, research, and health care professionals, the company provides a wide variety of custom anatomical information products through its in-house graphics and medical illustration studio. Phone: 847- 679-4700; E-mail: ; Web:

Baby Adjusters™: Dedicated to future generations through Chiropractic Care. Our products for the Doctor of Chiropractic include teaching manuals, DVD'S and educational books. Your patients are educated about the necessity of chiropractic care, its benefits and continued wellness with our educational posters, pamphlets and cutting edge reading material for your waiting room. New! Pediatric patient forms and signs in sheets. Phone: 800-284-3031 E-mail: . Your solution for educational and instructional products, to help your patients with their home and active rehab programs. DVD/VHS and CD ROM that instruct patients on how to improve their posture, as well as a book that is designed for the novice or injured patient who wants to exercise at a health club. Great history of patient satisfaction. Wholesale discount available. Web:

Business of Chiropractic Publications: Offers books and articles on how chiropractors can increase their income while reducing their work load. The Business of Chiropractic: How to Prosper After Startup, 2nd Edition by Ivan Delman, DC, contains 26 chapters outlining business methods designed to help the beginning as well as experienced practitioner develop their practice to their planned levels. Managing cash flow, low-cost marketing methods and personnel guidelines are just a few of the many subjects covered in this book. Preview of "Business of Chiropractic" and related products available. E-mail: ; Web:

Crashmobile™: The Ultimate Personal Injury Practice Builder! The Crashmobile™ is an auto collision simulator that dramatically demonstrates spinal injury in a low velocity collision. A hydraulic piston moves the seats rapidly forward and back, at about 10 mph, producing a vivid, real-time demonstration of a whiplash injury. The accompanying video shows the simulated collision in slow motion, along with digital motion X-rays of damage caused by untreated whiplash injuries. Phone: 866-662-6907; Web:

Chiro-Manis Inc.: For practicing chiropractic physicians, Chiro-Manis offers textbooks written by Dr. James M. Cox, DC, DACBR, on the biomechanics, diagnosis and treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine pain with Cox#® Distraction Decompression Adjustment Manipulation and ancillary therapy. A new third edition of the cervical spine textbook is coming in February 2005. For healthcare colleagues, there are brochures and presentations available for sharing. Additional charts, brochures and booklets for patients. Phone: 800-441-5571; E-mail: ; Web:

Directional Non-Force TechniqueTM: The late Dr. VanRumpt's original low force method of chiropractic, now researched and taught by his successor, Christopher John, D.C. D.N.F.T. delivers results that are swift and dramatic. A practitioner may, therefore, enjoy a practice that is: low to moderate volume, high fee per visit, cash only, all by patient referral. D.N.F.T. is taught through modular seminars. Videos, tables, equipment, and additional information available. Phone: 310-657-2338; E-mail: ; Web:

Elsevier: Proudly publishes Mosby, Saunders, Churchill Livingstone, Butterworth-Heinemann, and Hanley & Belfus titles for the Chiropractic market. Phone: 800-545-2522; Web: Gym Ball Store: Besides offering exercise/stability balls, we also carry a wide variety of fitness and rehabilitation tools designed to optimize your training and isolate core muscle groups. Check out our selection of books and videos that provide expertise, education and exercises for professionals, athletes, and workout enthusiasts. At The Gym Ball Store we are committed to providing only the highest quality products coupled with the best service and low prices. Phone: 800-393-7255; E-mail: ; Web:

Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.: An independent publisher headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts, Jones and Bartlett Publishers is the seventh largest college publisher in the United States, publishing text, professional, and reference books and a variety of multimedia and online products. J&B is widely recognized in the fields of chiropractic and practice management, publishing best-selling resources by Drs. Souza, Hammer and Wyatt for practicing chiropractors and chiropractic students. Phone: 800-832-0034; E-mail: ; Web:

Medtech-USA, LLC: Medtech offers consulting services on issues involving risk managment, medical records, and malpractice issues. In addition we offer distance learning classes in the following areas: Expert Witness Certification Course, Personal Injury and Accident Investigation, and Functional Evaluations. We also offer a variety of books and manuals in nutrition, risk management, personal injury and office management. Also, there are many articles written on medical-legal issues, all of which can be downloaded. Phone: 866-225-5055; E-mail: ; Web:

Trusted Voice: "The Voice of Chiropractic," Trusted Voice™ specializes in on-hold systems, chiropractic radio, patient education CDs, and commercial voice work for TV & radio. Don't miss a single opportunity to educate your patients, build your image, generate referrals, and build your practice. Endorsed by chiropractic associations nationwide. Phone: 757.369.3313; E-mail: ; Web:

Ultimate Practice Systems: Founded by Dr. Timothy Gay, Ultimate Practice Systems has developed educational tools and manuals designed to aid chiropractors in maximizing their practice potential. Manuals cover topics ranging from office procedures to marketing. Train an efficient and hard-working staff with DVD training presentations. Hold a visually impacting Spinal Care Class with ready-made PowerPoint presentations. Phone: 866-797-8366; E-mail: "> ; Web:

Wysong: An organization dedicated to enhancing the health of humans, the animals in their care, and the environment in which we all live. Throughout the world, the shortsighted and selfish inclination to exploit the Earth as a limitless raw material is steadily unraveling the delicate natural web, which is critical to healthful living. Pamphlets and Educational aides available. Phone: 989-631-0009; E-mail: ; Web:

If your company offers products or services to the chiropractic profession and would like to be listed in "What Are My Choices," please contact the sales department via e-mail: .


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