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Dynamic Chiropractic – January 1, 2005, Vol. 23, Issue 01

Taking Chiropractic to the Next Level

By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher

There is a saying that has become an essential part of the culture of our organization:

"If we're not moving forward, we're going backward."

The basic idea is that we are all called upon to grow and improve, both personally and professionally.

Failing to grow means that we are falling behind every other organization that has chosen to grow and improve.

This saying holds true for chiropractic as a profession.

While lawsuits and legislative initiatives help break down barriers and create new opportunities, we must look at ourselves as the ones responsible for our own growth. One of the reasons that the chiropractic profession has been successful in the past is our willingness to persist until we succeed. But the question still arises: Are we becoming the profession we need to be if we are to take advantage of the opportunities we create for ourselves? For example:

  • What are we doing within our profession to take it to the next level?
  • What people/organizations are setting new examples of excellence and commitment, and breaking new ground?
  • We have entered a new millennium; in what ways is the profession reinventing itself for the future?

As I travel around this chiropractic world, I talk to doctors who are setting a new example; doctors who are demanding more from themselves and the DCs with whom they work. These doctors are inspirational in their ability to see the future of chiropractic and bring it into the "now."

We have developed a new column that will serve to recognize the work of these doctors and give you a chance to better see and understand where their efforts are taking us. This column, titled, "Taking Chiropractic to the Next Level," will feature stories about what doctors of chiropractic are doing, and articles from those DCs who are taking us there. You will be able to see what they are doing, how they are making a difference, and why they are so committed to improving our profession.

The first installment of this exciting new column is a story called "Unity in New Jersey," which will be featured on the front page of the Jan. 15, 2005 issue.

As unity is one of the elusive keys to all success, it is important for us to realize that unity is really attainable. This is a real-life story. It actually happened, less than a year ago. The results are still working today.

These doctors saw the need for unity and did what they had to do to make it happen. They are inspirational in their willingness to set aside their personal interests in order to see chiropractic flourish and be the force it was meant to be in New Jersey.

It wasn't easy, but most things worth having aren't. These chiropractors saw the opportunity and did their duty for the profession.

I urge you to read "Unity in New Jersey" and consider if what they did there can work in your state, county or country. The same thing can happen for you - but only if you want it enough to make it happen.

We will publish additional "Taking Chiropractic to the Next Level" articles throughout 2005. Please read those as well. By doing so, you will gain a renewed sense of hope and possibility; you will learn about what can happen when we dedicate ourselves to the future of our profession.

It is my sincere desire to see this profession grow and expand to its full potential. There are a number of DCs making this happen - and there is much we can learn from them.


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