3056 Rehab, Laser Therapy, TENS Units and Exercise Equipment: What are My Choices?
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Dynamic Chiropractic – September 13, 2004, Vol. 22, Issue 19

Rehab, Laser Therapy, TENS Units and Exercise Equipment: What are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff
You've made the decision to become a doctor of chiropractic; invested money in your education, the perfect practice location, staffing, etc. Now what? Where can you go to find information on products, education and other goods and services to help grow your practice?

"What Are My Choices?" is a monthly column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts: the companies themselves.

This column focuses on companies that provide rehab, laser therapy, TENS units and exercise equipment. Consider the wide range of choices available:

A Major Difference: The FDA- approved Quantum Laser Light System® is the most advanced low-level laser on the market today. It features two-diode and four-diode lasers, as well as Red LED and Infrared LED add-ons. Our two-diode Excalibur retails for $3,695 and our Quantum II and Quantum IV lasers retail for $6,495 and $8,695, respectfully, thousands less than the competition. Phone: 877-315-8638; Web: www. amajordifference.com.

Age In Reverse: Started in 1970 by its founder, Larry Jacobs. Larry and his company specialize in Inversion Therapy ­ Getting Gravity to Help, Not Harm People. Larry invented several products that cater to Inversion. In 1970, the Bodylift was invented for the purpose of helping people do the beneficial headstand without risk and difficulty. In 1980, the BodySlant was developed to help more people enjoy inversion by a slant board, which is very simple, easy and comfortable to use.

Products: Bodylift, Bodyslant. Phone: 949-631-2241; E-mail: info@ageeasy. com; Web: www.ageeasy.com.

Axiom Worldwide: is committed to providing practitioners complete support, encompassing medical, technical, and marketing components. Our goal is to provide the products and services that will help your practice thrive with today's advancing medical technology. Axiom Worldwide works on a "quality system theory" to guarantee services and equipment that are in compliance with the current regulations. With the support of our products and commitment to service, practitioners can deliver the best medical care for their patients.

Products: DRX9000, DRX9000C, DTX4000, Power Laser. Phone: 877-438-0663; E-mail: ; Web: www.axiomworldwide.com.

Back Bubble: The Back Bubble is an inflatable, portable traction device that relieves lower back pain in seconds. FDA approved. Medically endorsed. It's like floating in air-cushioned weightlessness. Phone: 800-457-7246; Web: www.backpainrelief.com.

Banner Therapy: Phone: 888-277-1188; Web: www.bannertherapy.com.

BioMedical Life: Health Resource Services (HRS) has been distributing portable Electro-Medical Devices and Accessories to the Chiropractic Industry for over 15 years.

Products/Services: Digital/analog TENS, Interferential, Muscle Stimulators, High Volt Pulsed Stimulators and Microcurrent Devices. An extensive array of electrodes and accessories are available. Phone: 800-457-0477.

Carpal Kinetics: Wristrac is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind, patented new product for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrist-related disorders. Wristrac is a light weight, and completely portable devise that utilizes a variety of traction settings to distract and elongate the joints and soft tissues of the wrist and hand for the purpose of decreasing and or eliminating the pain commonly associated with Carpal Tunnel and other wrist pain syndromes. Phone: 610-874-1500; Web: www.wristrac.com.

Centens: Centens has been providing low-cost, high-quality electronic devices to medical professionals and facilities for over 13 years. Our policy of lifetime warranties on TENS units and 10 years on other devices cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. We normally provide inexpensive replacements for electrodes, lead wires, etc. Phone: 800-869-8194.

Chi Institute: The CHI Institute was founded to investigate human vitality and energy and to develop products providing benefits in those areas, which include the use of Chaotic Alpha Signals as part of Infratonic Therapy technology in a medical environment. From the initial prototypes developed in 1983, the technology has been continually evaluated and improved and today represents the first choice in infrasound therapy devices in a wide range of medical disciplines.

Products/Services: Infratonic 8, Infrasound 8, Infratonic QGM 4.3, Equitonic 3, CHIonizer. Phone: 800-743-5608; E-mail: ; Web: www.chi.us.

Cho-Pat: Cho-Pat designs and manufactures specific and innovative preventive and pain-reducing sports/medical devices for the arm, leg, and knee. Incorporating unique design characteristics, excellent craftsmanship, and quality materials, our American-made products are effective, dependable, durable and highly recommended by medical professionals, physical therapists, athletic trainers, athletes, and active individuals for their role in preventing or lessening pain and discomfort. Phone: 800-221-1601; Web: www.cho-pat.com.

Clinical Health Services: Phone: 813-871-3120; Web: www.clinicalhealthservices.com.

General Physiotherapy, Inc: For more than 30 years, G5® Massage Machines have been serving in the medical and sports medicine fields. G5® Massage Machines are designed as an adjunct to manual massage techniques, incorporating machine assisted massage therapy into physical therapy procedures. G5® Massage Machines complement hand massage while reducing fatigue to hands, arms and body. These machines are recognized as the most Powerful, Reliable, and Durable Massagers in the world.

Products / Services: G5 ® TherAssist, G5® Workout Massuer, G5 ®GK-3 ®, G5 ®Contour, G5® GBM, G5® Pro-Power ®. Phone: 800-237-1832; E-mail: ; Web: www.g5. com.

Innovative Medical Group: MicrolightLaser® is the leading world-wide distributor of the Microlight ML-830®, the first FDA cleared and patented 830nm cold laser. As the dynamic industry leader in laser therapy, we focus on providing accurate and up-to-date treatment protocols, scientific information and unparalleled customer service. MicrolightLaser also provides certification, training and educational curricula to major chiropractic colleges, universities and clinics, helping chiro-practors make better decisions and provide superior treatment. Phone: 866-575-2737; E-mail: ; Web: www.microlightlaser. com.

Interactive Health Care Solutions: Phone: 800-526-5557.

KMS Marketing A Colorado company carrying the latest state-of-the-art advanced medical equipment. At KMS, we offer the products that will not only enhance adoctor's practice, but will make that doctor's job easier physically, and will bring results and confidenceto their patients. KMS represents integrity, honesty, customer support and top products with excellent quality control. Our goal is to make the Patient and Doctors satisfied with our products and service.

Products/Services: Quantum Laser System; Excalibur Laser;Q 1000 & Laser Enhancer System; 632 Table Top Scanner Laser;Spectra Vision Bionetic Health Device;Impac, Vibracussor & Artrostim; P.R.O.O.F. Positive Range of Motion & Muscle Testing Device;Photon Oscillator 6000 & 12000; Wave Shield Cell Phone Protector. Phone: 303-589-4517; E-mail: ; Web: www.kmsmedicalequipment.com.

Lashaw Distributors: Lashaw has been in business since 1988, and is the sole distributor worldwide of the Invertrac pelvic traction unit. We pride ourselves in marketing the most comfortable, affordable and user-friendly bent-knee unit available today. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff takes pride not only in presale, but also after sales, in service and support. When you focus all your attention on just one product, it shows. Phone: 800-667-7795; E-mail: ; Web: www.invertrac.com.

Matrix Institute of Laser Therapy: Matrix Laser Therapy provides training in Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Drug & Alcohol, Stress Management and Pain. With over 18 years of clinical success, the Matrix Institute of Laser Therapy and its proven systems have remained the leader in this field. Training and certification is provided by the most experienced therapists in low-level laser therapy. Clinics using Matrix Systems have reported profits of over 2.5 million dollars in one year. Phone: 519-966-9994; Web: www.matrixths.com.

Medtrak Technologies: It is our mission at MedTrak to significantly improve the quality of care given to patients suffering from Dizziness or Balance Disorders. Through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled training and support, MedTrak aims to improve the health and wellness of both the physician's practice and community.

Products/Services: Infrared Video Eye Tracking Equipment (VNG); Digital Balance Testing and Training Platforms; Ongoing technical and clinical support for one year. Phone: 1-888-239-6436; Web: www.medtrakonline.com.

Microcurrent Research, Inc: Microcurrent Research (MRI) has pioneered the development of highly versatile pain and rehabilitation therapy devices for holistic health professionals since 1988. MRI's technology utilizes unique combinations of microcurrent, milliamp and interferential currents for optimal patient response and carry-over of results. Treatment currents are administered through pads for large joints and probes for specific point therapies. MRI devices offer user-friendly preset treatment menus for quick and easy operation, and extensive personal training and support come standard.

Products/Services: Acutron Mentor, AcuLogic software. Phone: 800-872-6789; E-mail: ; Web:www.microcurrentresearch.com.

Muscle Balance and Function Development®: For the last 10 years, the Muscle Balance and Function Development® System has been expanding the fundamental concepts of biomechanics and physics by applying them to the human body. This approach addresses the importance of center of gravity and human segmental alignment, and examines how the planes of motion, right-angle fundamentals, and muscular function powerfully affect this alignment, structural integrity, and human performance.

Products/Services: Muscle Balance and Function Development® CDROM, manuals, and courses by private arrangement. Phone: 800-7Seminar; E-mail: ; Web: www.musclebalancefunction.com.

New Health Products: Phone: 888-902-5551; Web: www.biopulser.com.

OPTP: OPTP introduces "The Next Core Challenge" DVD by Michelle Schwahn, PT. This comprehensive DVD makes core training practical and fun. It offers a complete education and exercise demonstration using the dynamic, inflatable FitBALL® Roller. The FitBALL® Roller facilitates a progressive system encouraging greater stability, overall body strength, balance and flexibility. The exercises that are demonstrated are presented in brief segments, forming a system that is practical and effective. The DVD is approximately 45 minutes. Phone: 800-367-7393; Web: www.optp. com.

Oxybliss, a division of Oxygen Research Institute, LLC: High-tech Feng Shui and cutting-edge tech-nologies specifically designed for age reversal, stress release, increased intuition, creativity, relaxation, meditation, consciousness expansion, and life force rejuvenation. Our passion and our commitment at Oxygen Research Institute are to be on the cutting edge of vibratory/energy medicine, with a particular focus on reverse aging.

Products/Services: Oxygen Therapies, High Tech Feng Shui, Lasers and LED Photo Rejuvenation Systems, High-Tech Meditation Systems, 5D Sound Energized CDs and Systems, THE ATLANTIS HIGHLIFE-tm Life Energy Amplifier Environmental Energy System. Phone: 866-oxybliss; E-mail: ; Web: www.oxy bliss.com.

Oxy Health: Phone: 877-789-0123; E-mail: ; Web: www.oxyhealth.com.

QCA Spas/ TheraSauna: Since 1966, QCA Spas, Inc. has been building world-class spas with many patented features, such as the Wave-Max seat. This commitment was expanded in 1997 with the patented infrared sauna, TheraSauna. The popularity of the TheraSauna has grown substantially as consumers learn more about the need for detoxification and the benefits infrared healing brings to many muscular and nervous system dysfunctions.

Products/Services: Dream, Jewel, Majestic and Paradise series spas, patented infrared TheraSauna. Phone: 866-472-2772; Web: www.qcaspas. com.

Power Pilates: The Power Pilates method, created by Howard Sichel, D.C., reaches across the world, with a focus on the body's core musculature as well as consistency as the key to change. The program improves posture, range of motion of joints and flexibility of muscles. Dr. Sichel's experience has led to new techniques in the treatment and rehabilitation of common body injuries.

Products/Services: Power Pilates DVD and VHS Series. Phone: 888-PPILATE; E-mail: ; Web: www.powerpilatesonline. com.

Pro Solutions: Phone: 877-942-4284; Web: www.pro-adjusters.us.

Rehab Dynamics: Phone: 800-500-9302; Web: www.rehabequipment.com

Rich-Mar Corporatio: Rich-Mar's new AutoSound 7.6 Combo uses the patented ultrasound Hands-Free design and now combines it with a two-channel stimulator for Hands-Free Combo. The innovative AutoSound design eliminates all the application errors that can limit manual ultrasound/combination treat-ment effectiveness. The AutoSound has a built-in "Gel Well" that allows for a constant amount of coupling to make sure the ultrasound energy is getting to the patient ­ no need to re-apply gel, worry about not having enough, or squeezing it out.

Products/Services: AutoSound Hands-Free Ultrasound/Stim Combo. Phone: 800-762-4665; Web: www.richmarweb. com.

Sense Technology: originated the computerized adjusting system known as the FRAS (Function Recording and Analysis System) and currently markets the latest state-of-the-art spinal analysis and adjustment system, the PulStarFRAS. The PulStarFRAS is used by clinicians in more than 11 countries worldwide to rapidly locate and adjust joint subluxations. Published research documents the reliability and efficiency of this affordable system. Evaluate the PulStar in your office at no obligation. Phone: 800-628 9416.

Serola Biomechanics: In 1988, Dr. Serola discovered that patients' strength increased after sacroiliac stabilization. After years of research, he developed a theory based on biomechanics and the kinematic chain. The underlying principles are the proprioceptive responses of flexion/extension within the cranio-sacral system. SI Ligament lesions create specific muscle imbalances and postural. For treatment, Dr. Serola developed exercises, stret-ches, and unique orthopedic aids. Serola Biomechanics was developed in 1989 to market these products.

Products/Services: Serola Sacroiliac Belt, Gel Arc Elbow Brace, Sacrotrac, Thoratrac, Inflatable Pelvic Blocks. Phone: 800-624-0008; E-mail: ; Web: www.serola.net.

Swedish Backcare System, Inc.: Provider of Mastercare® Back-A-Traction®, The Swedish Back Care System for rehabilitation and prevention of back, neck, shoulder and knee problems. Back-A-Traction's patented moving backrest utilizes body motion and weight to create a traction effect on crucial muscles and joints of the back and realigns the pelvis. For treatments in 15 and 30 degree inversion, supine or prone position. Excellent for massage or adjustments in 15-degree. CPT-codes available.

Products/Services: Mastercare® Back-A-Traction®Model SE-A1 ­ Professional, Model SE-A3 ­ Professional Exclusive, Model SE-B1­ Standard/Home Model, Model SE-B3 ­ Standard Exclusive, Accessories, Support Pillows, Knee Supports, Support leg. Phone: 904-797-Back; E-mail: ; Web: www.mastercare.se.

The Gym Ball Store: The Gym Ball Store is your health and fitness source for dependable, affordable exercise products. Since 1994, we have been offering top-quality equipment and educational materials for preventing injury and enhancing performance. Gym balls, balance boards, resistance bands, and foam rolls are now as common in exercise routines as traditional weight equipment. Agility, balance and coordination training while using our products complements strength, endurance, flexibility and aerobicfitness.

Products/Services: Maxafe Antiburst Exercise ball; Gymnastik Exercise balls; Compact Medicine balls; Foam rolls; Stability Trainers; Resistance Bands/Tubing; Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance; "Explain Pain; The Safe Back Workout Video"; "The Complete Gymball Workout Video"; The Proprio System Gymball Manual; Upper Body. Phone: 800-393-7255; E-mail: ; Web: www.gymball.com.

The Saunders Group, Inc.: A recognized leader in the development and marketing of unique, innovative health care and educational products. We offer a full line of products for rehabilitation professionals and their patients. We concentrate our marketing and product development efforts on products that enhance an individual's ability to help himself and assist the health care provider's ability to deliver services in a cost-effective manner.

Products/Services: Traction/Decom-pression, Orthopedic Supports, Educa-tional Videos and Self-help Manuals, Exercise Equipment and Supplies, and Therapy Products. Phone: 800-588-0603; E-mail: ; Web: www.thesaundersgroup.com.

THOR Lasers, International: THOR is proud to announce approval by the FDA of their Laser Therapy System. This adds to their existing product line that includes three laser drive units and 15 state-of-the-art laser and LED probes, making the units versatile and upgradeable. THOR also teaches the world's most respected, scientific and entertaining laser education classes available today. Phone: 866-251-7743; E-mail: ; Web: www.thorlaser.com.

Tri-Tech: U.S. master distributor of low-level laser therapy products. Call for a free distributor information packet. Phone: 605-342-5669; E-mail: .


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