Dynamic Chiropractic – May 20, 2004, Vol. 22, Issue 11

Software Review

By Steven Savoie, DC, DABCO
Title: Expert P.I. Witness: Representing Soft Tissue Damage, Volume 1

Author: Dr. Frank Liberti

Publisher: Medical-Legal Consultants Assoc., Inc.

Part #: CD-4

Price: $199.00

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This CD-ROM presents excellent information on the types and extent of soft-tissue injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. It covers Auto Crash Research, Plastic versus Elastic, Energy Coefficients, Anatomy of the Spine and Tissue Damage. The disc is designed to run in automatic mode for the entire presentation, which takes about 25 minutes, or the viewer can advance it manually.

The material presented is very good and the graphics are well-done using Macromedia Director and QuickTime. There are excellent representations of stages of whiplash trauma, showing not only the person, but also a view of the underlying structures and what happens to them during the trauma. The discussion of energy transfer is something every PI patient should hear; more to the point, it's something every insurance adjuster and attorney should hear. It makes very plain why injuries to the patient are in no way directly related to damage done to the car. There is discussion of the timing of these injuries and the corresponding timing of the nervous system's response, and how the difference in these times can and does lead to many of the injuries we see in practice. The explanation of energy coefficients is easily understood without advanced training in physics and could be presented to patients or jurors if desired.

The narration can be printed out in text form for reference or for inclusion in narrative reports, and citations mentioned in the course of the presentation are also available in print form. It is also possible to print out some of the graphics to use in presentations or in the courtroom setting. All this makes this CD a good reference source as well as an educational tool. I believe it is not completely accurate on one or two anatomical points, which may be corrected in future versions, but overall, I think this presentation would be a very useful tool for any office providing chiropractic care to patients involved in motor vehicle crashes.

Dr. Savoie' rating:

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8.5 out of 10

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