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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 6, 2004, Vol. 22, Issue 10

Software Review

By James Edwards, DC
Title: Interactive Spine - Chiropractic Edition

Author: Alexandra Webb, BSc, MChiro; Guy Gosselin, DC; Jonathan Cook, BSc, DipHE (PhysEd), BSc (Chiro), DC; Dana J.

Lawrence, DC; and Roger Soames

Publisher: Primal Pictures Ltd.

Part #: CD-3

Price: $195.00

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The information contained in this CD-ROM is based in part on the Visible Human Project from the National Library of Medicine. The CD is both PC and Macintosh compatible and features a 3D computer model of the entire vertebral column and spinal cord. It is organized into eight distinct sections: Anatomy, Contents, MRI, Quiz Section, Most Common Questions, Examination, Conditions, and Treatment. Each of these major sections is further divided into subsections, with extensive text and video clip references. Simply move the cursor over any image on the screen and click for a complete description of the structure, whether it is bone, ligament, nerve, blood vessel, or muscle. Each image can be rotated three dimensionally, and you can also correlate views of the 3D model with multiplanar MRI.

The examination section covers orthopedic tests, muscle testing, neurological tests and motion palpation - all with video clip demonstrations. The conditions section covers common injuries to the spine. The treatment section covers manipulations/adjustments and rehabilitation, also with video clips.

The orthopedic subsection includes an extensive list of tests, grouped by corresponding spinal section. In addition to a written description of each test, there is an optional video clip demonstrating the test. This is a good review for those who have been in practice a while, as well as an excellent teaching tool for the student clinician. There are minor discrepancies (e.g., prone vs. supine), between the text and video on one or two of the tests shown, but given the overall volume of material covered, the accuracy is quite good.

This program is very user-friendly and has an extensive help menu. Even the novice computer user will find it easy to navigate. If you do any type of in-office or out-of-office presentations, this will add that extra "zing" to your visuals. As a teaching and training tool, it is unsurpassed in displaying complex anatomical and pathological information, as well as detailed coverage of therapeutic methods and rehabilitation.

If it hasn't done so already, this CD-ROM has the potential to change the way anatomy is taught in chiropractic and medical schools. Each image is printable or available for use with a built-in "slidebox" feature, or for use with programs such as PowerPoint.

Think back to your own anatomy classes. Can you imagine if you could have been able to first view the gross anatomy, see the vascular system, identify the individual nerves, review possible pathologies, and then go into the lab to dissect and view each item in vivo? Amazing.

Having been involved in numerous postgraduate courses in years past, this CD-ROM would have been an invaluable addition as a teaching tool. I believe it will become the standard by which other programs are judged, and what we come to expect at the seminars and trainings we attend. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Edwards' rating:

image - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

9.8 out of 10

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