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Dynamic Chiropractic – October 10, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 21

What Chiropractic Really Needs

By Michael J. Miller, DC

Being associated for some 20 years now, it has increasingly become apparent that we all are wanting the same thing for chiropractic.

  1. Increased recognition and use by the public.

  2. Prompt, non-discriminatory payment by insurance companies who recognize the value of preventive/wellness care (chiropractic).
How many would agree that your patient flow would increase if "insurance" would pay for a patient's health care claim rather than give them and the doctor grief? How many would agree that chiropractic practitioners would benefit if insurance companies referred patients directly to chiropractors for care?

It should not be a secret that the bulk of the 650 billion dollar 1990 health care cost is paid by insurance companies! What would happen if we doubled the dollars paid for chiropractic services by insurance companies? Your income would increase! Right?

If chiropractic is so cost effective why has it not been publicized more? Money is the common denominator here. Money for research, money for legislators and politics, and money for public relations. Where does this money come from? Patients and their insurance plans. That's where.

So where does all this lead?

If all this could happen, all chiropractors' incomes would increase if they were willing to treat the extra number of patients necessary. With the With the added income, more support for research, politics, litigation, and advertising would naturally increase over a length of time. But, what if more dollars were funneled in by insurance companies for research on how chiropractic could help them save more money? What would happen if insurance companies would supply the public relations funds that help people save them money by using chiropractic? I think what would happen would be mass acceptance and knowledge about chiropractic and its benefits, just like we saw mass knowledge about AIDS happen inside of two years!

What is needed now is a company that bridges that gap between ignorance to chiropractic and full scale knowledge of chiropractic's cost effectiveness and health care benefits.

The next thing we have to do is to find those people willing to help turn this into a solid reality in the next five years.

It took only five chiropractors to fight the AMA through Wilk et al. Maybe there are 5 to 10 chiropractors left with vision enough to tackle the next level in chiropractic's plight.

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