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Dynamic Chiropractic – October 10, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 21

Chiropractors in Virginia and Connecticut Get Involved in the War Against Steroids

By Editorial Staff

Chiropractic has always taken a strong stand against the use of drugs in sports. Now both the Virginia Chiropractic Association (VCA) and the Connecticut Chiropractic Associations (CCA) are helping to lead the fight by serving as major sponsors of natural body building competitions.

The VCA has sponsored the World Natural Body Building Federation (WNBF) and its series of natural body building competitions. This series of body building shows serve as a forum for recognizing those athletes who have chosen to compete without the short-term benefits of steroids and growth hormones.

The WNBF Pro Natural U.S. Cup and United Stated Natural Fitness Association (USNFA) National Championships held recently in Virginia Beach, Virginia, are the pinnacle of competition for recognition in this emerging form of body building. Each contestant had to prove that he has been drug free for at least the past five years, having used no steroids, growth hormones, prescription diuretics or muscle implants of any kind. In order to compete, they had to submit to urinalyis and either polygraph or voice analysis to prove that they had not used any kind of performance enhancing drugs.

The performers in these shows are giving body building a new image. Dr. George Chirkinian, president of VCA and himself a natural body builder said: "These athletes have a natural, healthy look. They're not freakish like some Incredible Hulk, but sculpted like a Greek god."

Chiropractic has long attracted those interested in a natural approach to health. This fact was well represented at the event by Drs. Keith and ReJeana Crystal, both 1989 graduates of Life College of Chiropractic, who wowed the packed house as guest posers. Dr. Keith Crystal, a ten-year veteran of natural body building on the amateur level, also finished first in the tall division and was a runner-up to the new national champion of amateur body building, Leo Martes of Holland.

The VCA was very much in evidence during the event with a colorful booth outside the auditorium and a large banner hanging from the stage. VCA officials were also seen on stage presenting special awards to show officials and to the all-sports cable network, ESPN for providing coverage of the event.

In keeping with the chiropractic philosophy of maintaining and building health naturally, the Connecticut Chiropractic Association lent its support to the 1990 American Natural Body Building Council (ANBC) "Natural Connecticut" Body Building Contest at Central Connecticut State University.

All 60 contestants were presented with T-shirts with the CCA logo and the slogan, "Chiropractic -- A Natural Lift." CCA members, Drs. Glenn Herman, Brian Stone, Kevin Bellows, and Tom McCarroll made themselves available to the athletes to consult on any questions on training or injuries.

Dr. McCarroll presented the trophies to the winners -- one of which was the men's winner, Charles "Chiller" Miller, a patient of Dr. Keith Overland, CCA president, who was on hand for the event. "This was an outstanding event," said Dr. Overland, "I am proud of the CCA's involvement in drug-free activities. Our Sports Medicine Committee, chaired by Dr. McCarroll, is active in promoting the benefits of chiropractic to the sports community. We hope to continue to expand our activities in this area."

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