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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 7, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 23

Joseph A. Cimino, D.C. Keynote Speaker at MPI's 1991 Advanced Seminar Oahu

By Editorial Staff

Since his graduation from Western States Chiropractic College in 1985, Joseph A. Cimino, D.C. has actively engaged in the development and instruction of adjustive techniques and procedures.

As an instructor at Western States Science Department, he taught soft tissue treatment, palpation and adjustive technique courses.

Later on Dr. Cimino co-authored a manual on soft tissue treatment. Eventually, to his credit, Dr. Cimino's soft tissue courses were certified for post graduate continuing education by Oregon, Washington, Minnesota and New York Boards of Chiropractic Examiners.

Indeed as many can attest, Dr. Cimino has demonstrated great skill and understanding in teaching the art of various adjustive techniques, particularly the art of soft tissue treatment and manipulation. We feel especially lucky to announce that Dr. Cimino will be joining us this spring at MPI's Advanced Seminar in Makaha on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu, February 17-23.

Dr. Cimino's course in Hawaii, Therapeutic Muscle Stretching is designed to introduce the doctor of chiropractic to the diagnosis and treatment of biomechanical structural abnormalities of the myofascial ligamentous structures of the body.

Dr. Cimino's objective is to: To integrate and build upon the doctor's previous knowledge and skills in static and motion palpation, anatomy, and biomechanics, as they apply to the treatment of soft tissue pathophysiological abnormalities.

To give the doctor an awareness of myofascial and ligamentous pathophysiological abnormalities.

To build upon the knowledge and palpatory skill necessary for effective soft tissue manipulation.

To provide a rational mode of therapy of myofascial ligamentous abnormalities.

To apply the treatment of soft tissue structures to the art and science of chiropractic manipulation.

Doctors who enroll in MPI's Advanced Seminar and attending Dr. Cimino's Therapeutic Muscle Stretching course will hear:

Introduction to indications/contraindications to soft tissue treatment, treatment guidelines and rationale, as well as review of Dr. Karl Lewit's theories on soft tissue dysfunction. The course also includes an overview of Vladamir Janda's categorization of muscle systems, the principles and application of Sir Charles Sherrington's observation of muscle activity.

Other sessions will cover in-depth Therapeutic Muscle Stretching (TMS) and practice of various stretching techniques on muscles of the upper and lower extremities. These will be integrated with hands-on practice and applications along with demonstration of "safe" home stretching exercises that will not compromise joint integrity and can be taught to the patient. Dr. Cimino's course allows for plenty of question and answer sessions which help the doctor gain a clearer understanding of what he is learning.

Following the seminar, attendees will be able to exercise the appropriate palpatory and proprioceptive skills necessary to rationalize the need for soft tissue manipulation. They will also possess an understanding of the normal and abnormal qualities of the myofascial ligamentous structures. In addition, they will have gained a demonstrable understanding of the appropriate skills necessary to provide proper therapeutic muscle stretching of shortened soft tissue structures.

We are sure that Dr. Cimino's course will be a memorable experience, sure to enhance the success of our Advanced Weeklong seminar. Please join Dr. Cimino and the rest of our programmed speakers for a wonderful week-long seminar, this February. To be sure, the Sheraton Makaha Resort and Country Club is the paradise Hawaii is famous for. This tropical oasis is the epitome of a lush and exotic getaway.

Touring Oahu is easy with a rental car which provides the wonderful opportunity to explore the entire enchanted island. If you mention to the operator that you're interested in a car when you call to register, we will let the folks at UNIGLOBE Adventure Travel know you would like information regarding airline and car rental costs while in Hawaii. Or, if you prefer, simply indicate it on the handy mail-in registration form on page XXXX. (Ad page please)

If you haven't already, the time to register is now. Call today and take advantage of our reduced price. (And in case you haven't already heard, the price is $600 less per couple than last year.) Dial 1-800-327-2289. MPI will accept your $200 deposit using either your Visa or Mastercard.

While you're in the neighborhood....

For those planning to attend the Advanced Seminar in Makaha, you will want to take in MPI's TMJ seminar conducted by Dr. Darryl Curl the preceding weekend in Waikiki. When you call to register for Makaha, tell the 800 operator you wish to attend Dr. Curl's Waikiki seminar as well. It's just that simple.

Be sure to watch future issues as "DC" brings you more exciting information about Makaha, MPI's guest speakers for the seminar programs and more of what's in store for the Advanced Weeklong Seminar, 1991.

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