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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 21, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 24

Pamper Yourself with Some Tropical Pleasures: You Deserve It!

By Editorial Staff

As the end of the year approaches, it's time to reflect on the successes of the year, and also the hard work that went into those achievements. The coming year is full of promise ... and hard work.

Don't you owe it to yourself, for sanity's sake, to relax and unwind from the daily pressures? And wouldn't it be wonderful to educate yourself while doing it?

When it seems no one understands you, Hawaii does. It's that small cluster of islands in the Pacific seemingly designed for the human spirit. It can offer you the sun and moon in the most tropical way and feed your being with the warmth and passion for living that the natives know so well.

MPI understands that need for relaxation but more importantly, we understand the need for keeping the edge. It's a common fact that when you're relaxed you tend to be more susceptible to the absorption of knowledge. MPI appreciates this and is offering you a chance to take advantage of both worlds -- relaxation coupled with superb information.

This is possible at the MPI Advanced Weeklong Seminar on Oahu (February 17-23, 1991). MPI's annual Weeklong Advanced seminar in Hawaii provides members of the chiropractic profession an informative seminar program. You won't have to worry about being bored because not only are there palm trees and grass skirts available, but there are speakers guaranteed to fascinate and educate.

This spring's list of speakers will include: John Triano, M.A., D.C.; Charles Herring, D.C.; Joseph Cimino, D.C.; spouse guest speaker Brian Porteous, D.C.; and Dale Jacobson, D.C., who will be conducting a special motion palpation workshop. This seminar is being co-sponsored by Cleveland College of Chiropractic which has applied for 20 hours of license renewal credits (including x-ray).

What makes this a "dream vacation" is the fact that this year's seminar package is $600 less per couple than last year. Also available are reduced airfares and car rental specials. (Just make your inquiry when you call to register.) We cordially invite all DCs and their families to take advantage of this seminar and the enchanting locale of the Hawaiian Islands. Dial 1-800-327-2289. MPI will accept your $200 deposit using your Visa or Mastercard. Early registration is advisable to insure your spot at the Advanced Seminar.

By the way, those planning to attend the Advanced Seminar in Makaha won't want to miss MPI's TMJ seminar instructed by Darryl Curl, D.D.S., D.C. When you call our 800 number, tell the operator you would like to attend Dr. Curl's seminar the previous weekend (February 16-17, 1991) in Waikiki. See you there!

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