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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 21, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 24

The Amazing (updated) Vegetarian Diet

By Gordon Butler, DC

The modern vegetarian diet, the ultimate diet for better health, is the Nonviscid Residue Vegetarian Diet. It is the only diet that is concerned with reducing the transient time of all residue in the colon to a minimum.

This is important because it reduces colon enlargements and distortions caused by constipation. It rehabilitates and slenderizes. It avoids constipation in both the classical sense and in the lesser known "Fractional Retention Constipation" where viscid residue from food is retained longer in the colon than nonviscid residue foods.

Unfortunately many DCs consider the adjustment as a single panacea. So why bother with a diet, especially one that is restricted to eliminate meat?

1.) Spastic muscles that pull vertebrae out of normal alignment are caused by toxins from foods.

2.) Adjustments that will not hold are caused by toxins from foods.

3.) It is not uncommon to find many patients who did not respond to adjustments regain their health by proper nutrition.

Most people consider the vegetarian diet as something unnecessary. Others know the value and would like to be vegetarians but consider the diet lacking in an appetizing variation to please the palate. This is not so. Good health enhances the taste buds and all foods taste good.

Consider the amazing results obtained from the Nonviscid Residue Vegetarian Diet which dramatically increases enthusiasm. Such as: It is wonderful to awake in the morning with a clear head, no unpleasant taste, a sharp memory and enthusiasm for the day ahead. Your mirror reflects a clean tongue of normal pink color; you know you have no foul breath. You will be astonished to find your teeth or dentures free of stains and requiring only the minimum care.

You will refuse to believe that your toilet bowl stains very little in spite of the obvious bile saturated in the residue which gives it a freshly varnished appearance. This is verifiable proof that the liver is functioning normally but probably has not in a long, long time.

Again you will be more than pleasantly surprised that your one elimination daily (probably 1-3 days late and more than likely forced with a laxative) is now normal -- occurring one or two times daily, depending on your physical activity. Even if only once daily, it will be more urgent in the morning, fully formed, and never diarrhea regardless of the amount of fruit eaten. This (on-time) elimination will be due to the increased transient time through the colon due to the bulk and the nonviscid diet. As a natural result, the colon will shrink and the diverticula will be reduced until finally eliminated by growing shut.

Generally speaking, about 50 percent of all foods eaten are digested and assimilated to furnish the body needs. Some foods are digested better than others, such as sugar which is digested and assimilated near 100 percent. On the other end of the scale is cheese. Cheese is digested and assimilated about 20-30 percent in most people. This 70-80 percent residue left in the colon is extremely viscid -- as putty with glue in it -- and the transient time is very, very slow. It remains in the colon long enough to decay and cause some of the highly toxic liquids to penetrate the colon wall into the bloodstream to create disease. If you question the fact that liquids penetrate the colon wall to the bloodstream then try this test for yourself: take a few drops of gentian violet in 3-4 ounces of water and inject into the colon through the rectum with a syringe. The first urination after 10 minutes will show positive proof of the injected dye (some MDs still contend that liquids will not penetrate the colon wall. This is to support their flawed germ theory).

Many drugless doctors believe that toxins from the colon are responsible for most cancers, Alzheimer's, arthritis, M.S., etc., in addition to weakening the immune system which, in turn, creates susceptibility to viral, fungus and germ diseases including AIDS.

There is a correct answer to every question. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent for research to support the germ theory. This research has been proven conclusive by a preponderance of evidence that the germ theory is extensively flawed and that they should look to other possible causes of disease.

The drugless doctors have proven that toxins cause many diseases alleged to be caused by germ or viral origin, and can be successfully treated by eliminating the toxins by diet and treatment supplemented by the adjustment to restore normal function of the organs and tissues.

High viscid residue foods are all milk products, and to a much lesser degree, gluten products (gluten is the protein of wheat, rye and barley) such as pasta which contains extra gluten flour. Soybean products (except soy sauce) are viscid and therefore difficult to assimilate and produce constipation.

Meat, fish and fowl are also viscid residue foods but far less than milk products, especially cheese.

With this diet your dependence on supplements can be reduced as they will not be excreted by the kidneys as in a high protein diet.

The Nonviscid Residue Diet allows all vegetables, fruits, melons and berries; nuts, due to the high fat, should be restricted but not eliminated. The diet allows one egg daily. No processed foods. No white flour products. No milk products, positively none.

Why be only half a doctor by ignoring nutrition in your practice? The adjustment is not a single panacea. The adjustment, the Nonviscid Residue Vegetarian Diet together with a customized program of exercise will increase your efficiency as a doctor, a health provider, and as an understanding friend. Be interested in your patients and they will be interested in you. An old Hebrew proverb states: "If you want respect, you first must give respect."

The author of this article is 85, has normal hearing and eyesight, and has no aches or pains of any kind.

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