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Dynamic Chiropractic – November 21, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 24

The Bio-Dynamic Quantum Physic Model Of Chiropractic

The Quantum Leap

By C.C. Wilcher, DC, FIACA, DNBHE

The "quantum leap" to which the sub-title refers must be taken both literally and philosophically by the chiropractic profession. In its literal sense, the quantum leap is the tiny but highly energetic jump that a particle of matter undergoes in moving from place to place or more importantly in moving from solid state matter to energy and vice versa.

The "new chiropractic" -- bio-dynamic quantum physics chiropractic -- understands that all forms of matter and energy must move in this fashion or cease to exist.1 Since the patient is composed of atomic and subatomic matter, which controls all neuropathophysiological processes, we must be willing to take the quantum leap in order to have chiropractic reach its full potential.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,14,16,17,18

Preconceived Ideas

In the philosophical sense, taking the quantum leap means taking a risk -- going into unchartered territory with few guides because very few doctors of chiropractic have dared to explore the bio-dynamic quantum mode of chiropractic heretofore.

Even to the scientists who daily work with quantum physics, the quantum leap is not a guaranteed business. There is no way to know with absolute certainly the outcome of every quantum leap! In fact, this has led to a new law in physics called the "Principle of Indetermination." Such new laws are risky but the risk is only to the self-limiting philosophy. As we will learn, the bio-dynamic quantum physics concept uncovers an amazing new world. It reveals to the progressive doctor new meanings of the words "Innate Intelligence" -- an intelligence capable of far greater works than most chiropractic philosophers ever envisioned but at the same time an innate which is far more vulnerable to chiropractically induced iatrogenic dis-ease.9,10,11,12,13,15

This means that the chiropractic profession has to give up preconceived ideas about healing. Today, 95 years after the rediscovery of chiropractic by D.D. Palmer and 80 years after the discovery of the quantum nature of matter, we must begin to think of chiropractic as a bio-dynamic multi-dimensional science rather than a static mono-dimensional one. If chiropractic is to continue developing the bio-dynamic model of healing, we must "boldly go where no man has gone before," to borrow a phrase, to explore new bio-dynamic quantum worlds. To do less is to be unworthy of the legacy of D.D. Palmer who quite literally left the safety of the allopathic model of healing and "boldly went where no doctor had gone before."

The Paradox

In spite of this heritage chiropractic has somehow come to embrace a dormant mono-dimensional philosophy. Do whatever is necessary to force the world into our preconceived concepts. Twist, distort, and hammer, if necessary, chiropractic into "Old Time Philosophy." Totally ignore the bio-dymanic multi-dimensional quantum world even though it contains vital information for healing. And thus allow or, even worse yet, encourage chiropractic to become more and more outdated, as each new law of bio-dynamic quantum physics is discovered.

Which brings us to the paradox of the bio-dynamic quantum physics model -- despite an apparent disorder at first glance, there is perfect order. It simply is not the order we expected based on our limited experience. We are like the primitive native suddenly being exposed to concepts of mathematics far beyond counting on fingers! He is uneasy, frustrated, wonders if it is really worth the effort to learn an entirely new way of thinking. It's far more comfortable to remain in his limited world instead of reordering his life. But that is not the question. The question is what improvements will it make in his life if he is willing to take what, for him, equates to a quantum leap forward? Chiropractic must answer the same question. Are we willing to sacrifice our future because we do not have the courage to take the bio-dynamic quantum leap forward?

Scientific Reality

The science of the late 19th and early 20th century was based upon the Newtonian concept of a well ordered mechanical universe. It assumed that everything including the workings of the human body could be explained in mechanical or well ordered and predictable chemical terms. Unfortunately, the majority of the chiropractic profession somehow absorbed only these Newtonian concepts. The mechanical vertebral adjustment has become the prime example of this myopic mind-fix. Chiropractic's basic premise is quantum, neuropathophysiological -- the musculoskeletal is secondary! None the less, this does not mean that the solid state musculoskeletal component can be dismissed. A comprehensive understanding of neuropathophysiology reveals the fact that spinal subluxations can just as easily be the result of disease as the cause.9,10,11,12,13,14,15 Chiropractic must begin to accept the "duality of reality."1,12,14,16,17,18

To illustrate: Our world follows the laws of quantum physics. According to these laws, the physical universe is fundamentally paradoxical. Our universe seems to be composed of facts and their opposites at the same time.

Yet, we don't seem to observe these paradoxes. Why not? Because when we observe something, we normally see either a fact or its opposite, but not both at once. Without our acts of observation, the universe proceeds on its merry paradoxical way with facts and counterfacts intermingling. This intermingling is necessary; without it, no real world would ever be possible. The observer in his role behaves as Alexander did when confronted with the Gordian knot: He simply chooses to cut it, rather than remain stymied by its ever-present, challenging convolutions.1,9

How does an "act of observation" take place? Examine the illustration of the paradoxical cube. Which side is facing you?

Picture of cube here

The Paradoxical Cube

At first, you may see the left square in front, as if you were looking up at the cube. But if you take a second glance, you may find that you are suddenly looking down at the cube, and the right square appears to pop out closest to you. As the observer, you have the choice of how you will view the cube. However, that does not mean that others who do not see it as you do are wrong or that the individual who appreciates both views is betraying one philosopy or the other. According to quantum physics, all paradoxes dealing with our parallel universes are resolved in a similar manner.

But there is yet another way to view reality. Look at the illustration again. That the illustration appears to be a cube is an illusion. In fact, it is 8 points and 12 connecting lines forming an abstract pattern on a flat surface. So it is with chiropractic. If one refuses to accept the quantum plan of reality, one only sees chiropractic as a one dimensional, extremely-limited, musculoskeletal, solid state concept! As one becomes aware of the fact that chiropractic is a multi-dimensional concept, our perspective of its potential dramatically expands! And as we realize that it in fact contains yet a third sphere as in the paradox illustration above, we can no longer accept the dogmatic luxury of a limited mechanical adjustment-only philosophy. To do so is to turn our backs on the reality of parallel universes and an infinitely expanded ability for chiropractic to get sick people well.9

Modern quantum physics has proven that the human body is not a machine, after all, and cannot be constructed and become a functional entity by putting tiny parts together. When exploring the depths of matter and energy, physicists have found that we have to abandon the Newtonian theory of life. Newtonian logic said, "The sum of the parts is never greater than the whole." Einstein's bio-dynamic quantum physics, on the other hand, has shown that "the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts." For example, if you were to take all of the parts that make up a human body and put them together, you still would not have a living entity.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Yet, in spite of this advanced bio-dynamic quantum knowledge, the vast majority of chiropractic's research, writings, teaching, techniques, and philosophies continue to revolve around the Newtonian concept that the body is a machine to be repaired by mechanical means of the chiropractic adjustment. This is indeed a dichotomy because Innate Intelligence has very little to do with mechanics and a great deal to do with bio-dynamic quantum energies! The chiropractic profession, with its bulwark of philosophy, should be absorbing the Einstein's bio-dynamic multi-dimensional concepts as rapidly as possible. Instead, the opposite seems to be true. We insist on devoting the lion's share of our time, efforts, and money to the preservation of an incomplete concept. The question must then be asked, "What makes mainstream chiropractic any different from allopathy which has also dogmatically adhered to the Newtonian concept of health and disease?9,14

The Credibility Gap

Having established the fact that the majority of chiropractic has not only failed to utilize quantum knowledge but has dogmatically held to out dated Newtonian concepts, where does that leave the profession? As the progressive elements of chiropractic move aggressively forward in the bio-dynamic quantum modes, the credibility gap is ever widening between science and philosophical dogma. Bio-dynamic quantum neuropathophysiological concepts are the very heart and soul of chiropractic, but how well are they understood by today's practitioners? How many of today's researchers, educators, practitioners and chiropractic politicians are promoting non-sore back chiropractic? When was the last time you had a conversation with a recent graduate from our chiropractic colleges? Where you pleased with their myopic musculoskeletal orientation? Did you notice their reactions of surprise when you began discussing the results obtained in the treatment of infections, systemic disease, hormonal malfunction, miasmas, and emotional, gastrointestinal, reproductive, dermatological, or cardiovascular problems?

21st Century Chiropractic

What then will the future hold for our profession? The 21st century, and beyond, doctor of chiropractic will find himself utilizing sophisticated forms of energy in his practice. By properly applying the laws of neuropathophysiology and bio-dynamic quantum physics in conjunction with adjusting, we will find chiropractic succeeding in areas which are presently only subjects of wishful speculation. But in order to elevate chiropractic to this level of competency, we must constantly bear in mind that the nervous system works by way of electromagnetic quantum energy, and by treating it in the bio-dynamic quantum mode, the same mode that it works in, is a far more efficient concept.

And why are such advanced concepts vital to the progress of 21st century chiropractic? Because one of the laws of physics is, "Any time matter or energy is changed from one form to another there must be an energy expenditure." A portion of the available matter and/or energy has to be used for the conversion process. It can never be 100 percent efficient! Therefore, any time we utilize the mechanical thrust of a chiropractic adjustment to affect the bio-dynamic quantum functioning nervous system we lose a portion of our potential theraputic effectiveness. The body is forced to convert the solid state mechanical thrust into a form that is compatible with the bio-dynamic quantum energies that it functions within.

Options Available

A critical question then is what procedures and/or modalities are now available or hold promise in the future for the chiropractic physician to utilize in healing at Einstein's bio-dynamic quantum physics levels? Currently acupuncture, homeopathy, and micro-currents are all within our scope of practice. Extensive research on each has shown that they do, in fact, function at the bio-dynamic quantum levels.

Realizing these facts in the 22nd century, and beyond, doctors of chiropractic could very well consider the manual adjustment the somewhat primitive beginning from which his advanced science has evolved. And if more individuals are getting well faster than with just the old solid state Newtonian adjustments, who has the ethical right to deny the sick and suffering of the world such gains? Certainly not doctors of chiropractic whose highest consideration has to be the health and welfare of the patients that they serve.

The Challenge

The critical challenge then for the chiropractic profession is the future. Will our profession dogmatically continue to restrict itself to antiquarian Newtonian concepts of healing or will we move forward with Einstein's compatable forms of healing which are clearly the scientific future? Do we continue the heritage of D.D. Palmer by "boldly going where no chiropractor has gone before?" After all, he did write of chiropractic in his textbook, The Science, Art, and Philosophy of Chiropractic, "but as soon as the human mind is capable of absorbing a still more refined and advanced method (than solid state Newtonian chiropractic) and human aspiration demands it, it will be forthcoming, and I hope to be the medium through which it will be delivered to the denizens of the earth."12 The future is ours if we are willing to boldly take the Quantum Leap. And if not, solid state Newtonian chiropractic will continue to successfully deal with less than 2.5 percent of all of the problems that affect the parallel universes of the human being!1,2,3,4,5,6,9,16,17


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