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Dynamic Chiropractic – August 29, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 18

Future of Southern California College of Chiropractic Still Uncertain

By Editorial Staff

Just when the future of Southern California College of Chiropractic (SCCC) seemed to improve, three events occurred that could be devastating.

A second Bill of Particulars has been issued by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners to SCCC.

There has been additional scrutiny of the college's records from the period between September and December 1989, by the board. Joel Primes, the board's attorney, board investigator, Gerald Dunn, and Dr. David Cauble (a representative for SCCC) met in the offices of the college's attorney to begin reviewing those records.

Additionally, SCCC has been forced to file with the United States Bankruptcy Court to "obtain the Court's approval to obtain credit up to a maximum amount of $150,000... " According to the notice to creditors, the money would be used "to pay operating expenses including but not limited to rent and salaries..."

But the problems concerning the second Bill of Particulars and the ability of SCCC to meet operating expenses may be "academic." The passage of the new language in Section 331.1 (see article on page XX, "California Board Passes Regulations Emphasizing Importance of Diagnosis") subsection (d) may present a problem much more serious.

The wording in subsection (d) appears to state (no official opinion has been rendered as yet) that those graduates of colleges accredited by the Straight Chiropractic Academic Standards Association (SCASA) may no longer be eligible to be licensed in California. (Currently, SCCC is the only SCASA school whose graduates can take the licensing exam in California.) If this is the affect of this new regulation, it could cause SCCC problems of the most extreme nature.

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