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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 23, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 11

Manipulation Under Conscious Sedation

By Debra LaVergne, DC

I was recently involved in an automobile accident, from which I received injuries to my neck. At the time of the accident, I was not aware of my injuries. My only priority was to get home and relax. When I got home I wasn't in any pain, but felt, instead, a great lack of energy, which I attributed to the tension caused by the accident itself.

Later that evening, I was very uncomfortable and felt a slight stiffness in my neck. The next morning, my neck was so stiff that I couldn't turn my head, but there was still no pain. I thought that it would feel better in a few days, but that afternoon a pain to the point of agitation had developed. By the time my husband, Burley, came home from work, the pain was excruciating. He suggested calling his own doctor, just to check me out. By this time I was in too much pain to argue, so I agreed. Burley's doctor is a chiropractor, and I am one of those stereotypes who believes that cures only come from a bottle of medicine. Burley, on the other hand, professed his faith in Dr. Elliott very strongly because Dr. Elliott had relieved the pain in his back and shoulder, that had been bothering him for many years.

As soon as we arrived at Dr. Elliott's office, he looked me over and then had some x-rays taken before he did anything else. After the x-rays were read, Dr. Elliott found me too sore to adjust. He told me that I would have to enter the hospital. Within an hour I was in my room at Doctor's Hospital East Loop, in Houston, being coadmitted by Dr. Elliott and Dr. Hardimon, an orthopedic surgeon. When I got settled in, I was given something for pain. I awoke with the same pain and was terrified, but the pain medication was given to me as it was needed. Sometime during the morning hours, Dr. Elliott came in with Dr. Hardimon and Dr. Capps, the chiropractic chief of staff. Dr. Elliott explained the procedure of manipulation under conscious sedation. My faith in Dr. Elliott had not gotten any stronger, but my husband assured me that Dr. Elliott would help me.

As each pain pill wore off, my pain seemed to get worse, if that were possible. That afternoon, I was brought to radiology where more x-rays were taken. I was then set up for three manipulations under conscious sedation, to start the next day. The next morning I was brought to the operating room, and I don't know which was worse, my pain or my fear. I recognized Dr. Elliott and Dr. Capps, and I have to honestly say that their patience and encouragement was simply great. The anesthetist and operating room nurses were just as sweet as could be. They tried to get me to relax and showed an honest sincerity in their manner. When I awoke, I saw my doctors and soon realized that I could turn my head with hardly any pain. As the doctor spoke to me and explained how I responded to his treatment of my neck, my confidence in him and the others was so great that I hung on to every word. The rest of the day was great; I didn't need anymore pain medication, and I was actually anticipating my next manipulation.

Dr. Elliott gave me manipulation under conscious sedation for two more days. He and Dr. Hardimon then dismissed me from the hospital to continue care at Dr. Elliott's office.

In my appreciation, I would like to thank the doctors and staff of Doctor's Hospital, and most of all, Dr. Elliott, Dr. Cook, Lisa, Tammy, and Jeannie, from Dr. Elliott's office.

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