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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 9, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 10

National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company Election Results

By Jerome McAndrews, DC and Don Oyao

The NCMIC election is over. Once again the policyholders rose to the challenge and have "exercised their option" at the ballot box whereby they elected two candidates for their board of directors.

Following a brief yet vigorous campaign, the voters' ballots were cast. Finally, the tabulation was complete and two candidates victoriously emerged. The Owens-McAndrews ticket won by a margin of nearly 2:1.

Respectively the candidates drew the following votes;

Candidate Stephen Owens, D.C. - 5, 398 votes
Candidate Jerome McAndrews, D.C. - 5, 193 votes
Candidate Joel Grossman, D.C., D.A.B.C.O. - 2, 788 votes
Other - 258 votes

There is a renewed strength and energy about NCMIC as signified by the voting policyholder's clear endorsements this year. Showing this initiative, NCMIC has dedicated itself to innovative yet workable, goals for the future, lending a genuinely responsive ear to the policyholder.

The two gentlemen, Dr. Stephen Owens and Dr. Jerome McAndrews who now join the board of directors (Dr. Owens for a second term) are honored to have been chosen in this election. Their first public messages to the policyholders follow on page XX.

Dear Policyholder:

Thank you, and beware!

Thank you. You have won again -- this year, by the largest vote ever recorded. You have your already strong company by your vote. You have recognized that a good thing can get even better. Thank you for being open to change.

Now, beware.

Beware: you will be approached by new and aggressive "groups" who will try to sell you a poorer product resulting in pay now and pay more later. These new players will offer you programs that are untried and untrue. Be careful of slick and misleading packaging selling " the same old wine in new bottles."

Beware: You must know the difference between claims made which is limited coverage and occurrence which is full-time coverage as NCMIC offers.

Remember: DCs in New York state lost coverage when a questionable insurance scheme became insolvent. Even yet, some have been unable to get reinsured.

Remember: The ICA was abruptly cut off from coverage by Hartford Insurance Company by a sudden astronomical raise in premiums. Almost all are now NCMIC.

Beware and remember to question:

1.) Are they real insurance companies licensed and regulated in every state?

2.) Are they risk retention groups or brokers for a group?

3.) Is their board of directors and policyholders comprised of only doctors of chiropractic?

4.) Do they participate in chiropractic development, research and education to reduce risk and improve outcome?

5.) Do they write occurrence policies only or are they just claims made?

6.) Do you need to buy an expensive tail policy to switch to another carrier?

7.) Do they settle claims without the doctors consent?

8.) Is chiropractic defense their only business?

9.) Can you vote for a director of your choice?

Now relax, save time and protect your future. Call your colleagues at NCMIC. Thanks, again.

Steven Owens, D.C.

Dear Policyholder:

I am very pleased to have been elected by NCMIC policyholders as a director of their company. The NCMIC has provided us with a malpractice company second-to-none for our profession.

Having now completed my first meeting as a new director, my positive understandings about NCMIC have been reinforced. It is a solid leading company about which any policyholder should feel confident. One million dollars strong and deeply backgrounded on challenges to the responsible doctor of chiropractic make NCMIC in my opinion, the only clear choice as a malpractice insurer in our profession.

I am looking forward to accumulating more detail on our company's activities and participating in its deliberations.

Jerome McAndrews, D.C.
Newly-Elected Director,

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