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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 9, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 10

The Peach Tree

By Bruce M. Tutun, DC

As I approach the anniversary of my tenth year in practice, a story comes to mind which I would like to share with your readers.

One Tuesday afternoon in late summer, the day was going slowly. There was an unusually high number of cancelled appointments and, for me, this is quite frustrating. I was looking forward to going home, but was perked up when I saw that John and Kathy were due in soon -- my last patients of the day. Kathy was a medical technician and John an engineer, and they were infertile. They have attempted to conceive for three years with all types of medical treatment, but were unsuccessful. Through a referral from one of my patients, they heard that I might be able to help. Though my practice has a substantial number of musculoskeletal cases, I also accept patients with many other conditions, as I have learned a wide variety of techniques as taught within our profession.

My initial examination revealed several spinal subluxations and abnormal findings in body reflex centers and meridians. I explained to them that I would clear these and allow the body to work without interference, and that if this was the cause of their problem, then they should be able to have a baby. I treated them three or four times until they were clear and told them to come back in one month. This would be after ovulation and one week before Kathy's next ovulation. I explained that it might take time and to allow a six-month's trial.

On their next visit there was no news so I treated them again and had them return in one month. As I awaited their arrival, a feeling of excitement arose within me. Then I heard it -- what was that sound? It was like a scraping, but I never heard it before in the office. As I entered the treatment room where Kathy and John were waiting, I soon saw. There they were, Kathy, John, and a peach tree, direct from the nursery. The tree was eight feet tall, and the smiles on their faces were about eight feet wide. Yes, they were pregnant, two and one-half months after beginning care. Many hugs were shared, and I explained the importance of maintaining chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy. Of course, Kathy had assumed that already.

John, their son, is now approaching his second birthday. The tree is planted in my yard and should be bearing shortly. It serves as a constant reminder of the greatness of our profession.

As we enter a new decade, I hope we can all reflect on who and what we are. The true essence of chiropractic is not about ICDM-9 codes, SOAP notes, claims review, direct mail and television advertising; it is about healing. It is the privilege of providing a service which no one else provides, which has a profound affect on the quality of people's lives, and which when performed from the heart is so right. I hope that in this coming decade, everyone can serve their community in this spirit, and that they will, in return, receive their own beautiful peach tree.

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