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Dynamic Chiropractic – April 11, 1990, Vol. 08, Issue 08

Dr. Jesus and the Pig Farmer

By Lendon H. Smith, MD

I was the guest of a chiropractor in Iowa about two months ago. He flew me in, fed me, found a nice room for me, provided a hall in which to talk and, in general, was very thoughtful and gracious. I gave the talk, and, although more people should have come to the lecture, the community was satisfied that he had improved the status of Iowa because he had brought me there.

No matter what the community got out of my appearance, I was the recipient of more eye-opening information than I could have gotten from a workshop on chiropracty. Example: a pig farmer had gone to Chicago a few days prior to my visit and had "sprained his ankle"; that's what you get for walking on hard cement and not pig guano, as the human foot is meant to do. I say "sprained" as that is what I thought had happened in my naive medical way of thinking. Actually, he had inverted his ankle and the cuboid bone had slipped out of position. In about ten seconds the chiropractor had put it back in place and the farmer was able to walk, with but minimal tenderness. Follow-up advice was to "take it easy."

I would have told him to get crutches and have no weight bearing for two weeks and then start out ever so cautiously. It was like I was watching Dr. Jesus at work; a miracle had happened. But you DCs do this all the time. How long does it take for the average health seeker out there to find out about you people? You have some clever neck and pelvic adjustments for the bed-wetter, which I had always thought was the pediatricians' province. I realize that you cannot do everything, but the orthodox medical doctor was told in medical school that he was in the top five percent of the population intellectually, that he knew everything there was to know about the body and how to treat it; "so, go out and straighten out the world" with drugs, surgery or psychiatry.

We should, at least, have taken a course in when to refer, what you DCs are good at, and that you are not a threat but a viable teammate in dealing with the complex organism -- the human body. Jesus knew all those things about body, mind and spirit, but he had a different teacher who was not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry.

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